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Zero Tolerance Policy 

Post#1 » by The Comedian » Thu Jun 3, 2021 6:53 pm

Alright I’m annoyed that this thread even needs to be made, but here we are.

From this point forward, there is going absolutely no patience or tolerance for anything even REMOTELY racist or sexist. If you have to think about if the post is okay, then don’t even bother posting it. I don’t care how enlightened you think you are, it’s garbage and will result in a ban.

And this is just me speaking, but if you see a post that fits the bill, do NOT quote it and argue with the person. Please just report it, because I’m going to delete any garbage posts going forward, as they have no place on the board. Like some posters have pointed out, players and their families read forums, agents do, front offices do. On top of the fact that being racist or sexist is just a trash quality, it hurts the town’s already damaged reputation, and players notice it. Denying that racism or sexism is a big problem will result in a ban is well.

That’s all, thank you in advance.

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