Welcome to Virtual Boston, Juhann Begarin!

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Re: Welcome to Virtual Boston, Juhann Begarin! 

Post#161 » by playa-hater » Wed Sep 15, 2021 3:37 pm

Hal14 wrote:
cl2117 wrote:
playa-hater wrote:Since this thread was bumped up and with all due respect to J Morgan and A Brown, I like J Begarin more. He should be on this year's team, even as a 2 way or maybe even better.

Damn you Stevens, you make me want to build a statue for everything else just so I can tear it down for this.

I still say learning from watching Tatum-Brown-PP-Nesmith and whomever else UP CLOSE and playing in between G-league and the NBA > some far off land..

It's better asset management to stash these guys. They still can develop, albeit at a lower level, and C's don't have to manage their situation the same way you would with a 2 way guy. It's a win-win.

He gets another year of seasoning abroad and then we can decide next year whether he warrants an actual roster spot or 2 way. No sense overcomplicating things for the 45th pick in the draft.

Yes. It makes more sense to stash Begarin until he's fully ready to contribute to the team. Keep in mind he literally just turned 19 and last season played in France's B League so it'd be too big of a jump to go right from France B League to NBA. This upcoming season he will be playing in France A League so it is a much smoother, more natural transition to go from France B League to France A League to NBA.

Not to mention you wait as long as possible to bring him over to the Celtics because you don't want to "start the clock" on his rookie contract too early. By Waiting until he's fully ready to bring him over, you maximize the value of the dirt cheap rookie contract. You wait 1-2 yrs to bring him over and now you have a legit valuable contributor off the bench, an 8th or even 7th man giving value on both ends of the floor on a dirt cheap rookie contract and possibly even starting for you by then end of the rookie contract. You bring him to Boston now? You've got the 15th guy on the team on a rookie contract, wasting away, sitting on the bench, not getting any minutes to further his development and maybe by the end of the dirt cheap rookie contract he can start contributing valuable mins off the bench.

Lastly, as of today Hauser is the only guy on our g-league team. Based on the way the offseason has gone, every team out there is doing their absolute best to maximize their 15 man roster and get as much talent as possible on their 15 man roster. It appears as though pretty much all of the talent is going to be on the 15 man rosters. We have no idea how competitive the g-league will be this year. We don't know how much talent will be in the G-league. All we know is, the C's will have hauser. The Lakers will have some combination of Ayayi, Reeves and McClung. Guys like Moses Wright and AJ Lawson will be playing for someone. It's basically the scraps left over who couldn't make an NBA roster, and a bunch of guys who were good college players last year but didn't get drafted or were late 2nd round picks. Oh and the G-league ignite team should have a few good prospects out of high school again who could be lottery picks next year. There's a good chance that France A league that Begarin will play in will be just as good (probably better) competition this year than g-league.

France won the silver medal in the Olympics - yes that was largely because of Gobert and Fournier but clearly they have a bunch of other dudes in that country who can play and are likely playing in France A league.

The other reason you want to wait before starting the clock on a guy's rookie contract until they're ready is because if you start the clock too early, well now you're being forced to make a decision about whether to extend the player or resign them - you're having to decide their long term future with the team before that kid is even old enough to legally drink - before he has had enough time to develop and prove he deserves a long term spot on the team.

you guys gave your best defense and reasons.. I stand firm.. as soon as they Build Stevens his statue, I am tearing it down ! :nod:

ps.. you know it's a long offseason when everyone keeps rehashing the same discussion we said a dozen times.. me included. :o :(
"I never lose. I either win or learn". Nelson Mandela

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