Info on Ryan Anderson

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Info on Ryan Anderson 

Post#1 » by Buzzworthynewz » Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:08 pm

Hello All-
First let me list my credentials. I am 28, and have been a blogger for 7 years. I have a degree in Political Science (pre-law) from UCF. I have worked for the Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Bucs, and various other sports teams. I am also a graduate of Winter Park High School (Same place Austin Rivers played 4 years at). Also I am an avid reader of many other blogs, sites, and stay in contact with many, friends, and colleagues in the industry nationally. Currently, I live and work in NOLA.
Now for some Ryan Anderson talk. I had the pleasure of watching Ryan play for the last 4 years. I did some scouting of him in College where he attended University of Cal Berkeley. He only played one season their where he led the entire Pac-10 in scoring 21.0 pts a game. He was selected 21st in the draft by New Jersey. During his rookie year he was traded in a blockbuster which sent Orlando Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson for Rafer Alston, and Courtney Lee. At the time, Ryan was a virtual no name on the East Coast. He averaged as a rookie 7.4 pts a game and 4 rpg a game in about 19 minutes a night. Magic fans were ecstatic to partner up Rashad Lewis, Dwight Howard, and Vince Carter. During the off season Rashad Lewis was suspended for 10 games for PED's. This was the opportunity that Ryan needed. He excelled and played well for the Magic during this stretch, which ultimately ended Rashads tenure in Orlando. for the 2009-2010 season he averaged 7 pts and 3.0 rpg. With Rashad gone, his next season he started at Power Forward for Orlando, and averaged 16 pts a game plus 7.7 rpg.
I think the increase in his numbers were one, he worked very hard on his defense. Stan Van Gundy used to yell at Ryan so much early in his career. To Ryans credit he took it in stride and improved on his Defense and Rebounding. His numbers went up big time, and rebounds were a point of emphasis. Playing inside basketball with Dwight Howard teaches a young guy a lot! so I think his inside game has improved tremendously.
Now lets get to his weaknesses. 1. His playoff stats 2. his need to take the ball to the rim 3. playing with emotion. His playoff stats in his 1st year is insignificant bc of lack of playing time. His 2nd season after averaging 10pts and 5rpg he fell to 4.7 pts and 4.5. He played the same amount of time as he did in regular season. The Magic lost in 6 games. Last year really was the biggest disappointment. With Dwight out of the playoffs and coming off of a career year, in the playoffs Ryan averaged 9.6 ppg and 4.0 rpg. A lot of it could be chalked up Dwight not being available, but Big Baby Davis had incredible numbers. Ryan also seemed to struggle defensively against David West.
The good thing to take from this is Ryan has playoff experience, unlike most Hornets players, so hopefully he can teach the young guys on playing EVERY possession! 2. Ryan shot more three pointers in the league, and he also made the most last season. With the Hornets he will need to help Davis rebound the ball, and not take as many three's. He will need to take the bigger 4's off the dribble to the hoop, and the smaller 4's he will need to get a low post game. He should be used as a backup 3 as I believe this is his natural position. 3. Playing with emotion- or lack their of. Ryan is usually cooler than a hipster in New Orleans. I have only seen him lose his cool one time in a Magic uniform, and to be honest I loved it! I think if he plays with that nastiness that you need to play inside then he will be fine!
Looking forward it will be interesting to see how Ryan plays defense against some of the bigger power forwards in this league. Him and Davis are pretty skinny guys. I think they both need to add enough muscle weight to bang with some of the best bigs in the nation. I think he is a definite upgrade from Balonelli when it comes to 3 pt shooting. Its yet to be seen what type of leader he will be on this young team.
Other things about Ryan Anderson, his nickname in Orlando was "Rhino".....I was never a fan of this, maybe NOLA can give him a better one. Also, he is really nice, a very religious person, he thanks god for all of his accomplishments, he is kinda nerdy (Don't think that is the right word Im looking for) (I saw a special on him being able to catch items in his mouth from long distances and from up high). and Also he LOVES Chipolte!!! (a mexican chain)
Best of luck #33, I will be a season ticket holder, and be rooting for you this year!!!
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Re: Info on Ryan Anderson 

Post#2 » by secondroad11 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 9:57 pm

I'd say that is a good summation on Ryan. At the very least, he is an exciting player and I think he still has more upside potential. As I relocate to NOLA, I look forward to watching his development.
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Re: Info on Ryan Anderson 

Post#3 » by witnessraps » Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:21 am

The Anderson/Davis frontcourt has excellent potential. The two seem to be perfect for each other. I have both going forward on my fantasy team, and I can't wait. I'm really banking on Ryan Anderson being the real deal and last season not being a fluke.
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Re: Info on Ryan Anderson 

Post#4 » by locus7 » Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:45 pm

Very clever player, excellent sense of where he needs to be & knows how to lose his defender off the ball.

Obviously has that big 3 as his prime weapon, but also hustles hard for O-rebs and putbacks, and can drive to the hoop when given opportunity though his handle is weak. One thing he does not have, at all, is a mid range game of any description. The ability to nail 10-15 foot jumpers would make him a real threat, but as it is now he's 2 dimensional - either its a 3 or a layup.

Tries hard on D, is not physical or strong enough yet to prevent physical forwards from posting him up. He's come along in leaps & bounds in recent years, but has a lot more room to grow. Lastly, he is not an SF.

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