[Woj] Pelicans could trade the #4 pick

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Re: [Woj] Pelicans could trade the #4 pick 

Post#201 » by Rainwater » Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:23 am

baldur wrote:
Rainwater wrote:
baldur wrote:
I don't understand the idea of rebuilding teams clearing space? Not to mention it is a small team market. Why? So they need to get rid of jrue because they will max Kevin Durant?

The idea of trading jrue makes a lot of sense but the main purpose is not clearing space.

It's when you think you are ready to compete you have the cap space to throw money. Just because you are small market you should roll over and die??? Cap spaces give you the chance and money to offer doesn't mean it won't happen.

Ingram's 4th year
Ball's 3rd year.
As a rookie Zion will be impactful.
If Bradley Beal report is true, obviously they are trying to compete straight away.

lol, I highly doubt that these guys are ready to compete, they are very young. Zion my be good but he is three or 4 years from where many predict to be. Bradly Beal is not coming lol. This team is rebuilding.
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Re: [Woj] Pelicans could trade the #4 pick 

Post#202 » by LakerLegend » Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:14 am

We don't now what their internal assessments of these players are and what their draft board looks like. They might think there's no standout prospect after the first 3 picks who's worth keeping the 4th pick for over trading it for two,
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Re: [Woj] Pelicans could trade the #4 pick 

Post#203 » by Threezus » Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:29 am

Crives wrote:
PhilBlackson wrote:
Crives wrote:
Hawks take Culver?

My bet would be Cam Reddish.

They already have Huerter at SG and just traded Prince away. Not to mention Cam being a "sexier" pick with more upside.

Reddish should be there at 8 though.
If I’m Atlanta I keep 8/10, doesn’t feel worth giving up for #4. Take Reddish or Hunter at 8 and then maybe a big like Hayes at 10.

From what was said the trade for 3 and 4 with us offering 8 and 10 to the knicks and then the Pels was reliant on if barrett was there. Barrett would for sure be there at 3 but the knicks declined the offer supposedly. Then it got quiet and you heard that Knicks were really high on Garland at 3 and at that point you heard the Hawks offering a package for 4 which to me seems that trade is probably for Barrett as well if Garland does indeed go 3 to the knicks leaving barrett at 4 for a trade up from us. I personally don't have any insiders at all but theirs a few people on the Falcons website who actually does have an insider or 2 and has proven it over the years. This is info from him and overall he has been pretty reliable with the small hiccup here and there when he does get good info. Take it for what it's worth though but it sounds pretty legit based on the rumors we have been hearing and when each rumor popped up.

Now as for Hayes at 10 i keep seeing that over and over and i really don't understand it at all for the Hawks. Im not against a center at all but Hayes would be probably the worst scheme fit for us of all the centers at 10. He that i know of has never shot a 3 at all in a game and is about as close to a capela type of center as you can get in this draft. Good defense with most of his points down low and not much else. Which isn't a bad player at all and will be great for some team but the hawks make our centers stretch the floor to the 3 point line and be able to hit it at a ok clip around 30 to 35% i would say on a few 3's a game. We made Dedmon and Alex Len do it this year and they were both pretty good at it as well it makes our offense flow so much better. The centers i see that can do this well are Bol Bol, Goga, and maybe to a lesser extent Clarke but he can still do it.

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