How to counter Hand Check defense?

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How to counter Hand Check defense? 

Post#1 » by potato » Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:16 am

If the player hip checks you with their hand, if they use the leading arm you can easily lock them behind by blocking their checking arm which would effectively slow the defender down and lock him behind.

if the player uses the trailing hand to hip check, it opens up the opportunity to cross him and lock his trailing arm up so the defender cannot change direction and gets locked behind.

it's easy to take advantage of defenders who like to reach in for steals or checks.

however is there any effective ways to counter players who doesn't reach in but extends their arm straight out sideways, because you can't lock their arm up,there's a big distance to cover to get pass them and the defender doesn't really need to run to cover both sides because they have big coverage by using their full arm span to block your path and they just need to move their body to push you off, if you change direction, the other arm is there to block it. interesting enough i rarely see such defense in pro games be it Fiba or NBA, most defenders who hand checks never does that and always have their arms slightly down & forward leaving space on both sides for the dribbler to pass.

i know it's a defensive foul for impeding movement but it doesn't always get called, the only solution i can figure would be a physical shoulder charge/bump/push or an illusive elbow to the side of the defender. but is there a more technical solution to this? I know by picking up the ball and forcing for a layup you might get a shooting foul if he doesn't back up the arm but is there an effective way to past such defense?

arms straight out like this, sometimes if arms aren't enough they extend their legs.

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