Should American high school big men consider Europe?

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Re: Should American high school big men consider Europe? 

Post#21 » by baldur » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:03 am

Xherdan 23 wrote:Absolutely not.
18 year old kids won't get playing time in Europe at good teams.
They need to play people their age and size.
Sometimes it seems like Americans really underestimate pro basketball outside of US. I mean, none of the players in Europe is Lebron, but they are still grown men with skill and experience.
In the few times players tried going to Europe instead of NCAA it ended badly. Brandon Jennings didn't get enough playing time and looked really raw when he did play. I don't think that year helped him get better as a player and it certainly didn't help his draft stock.
Remember a guy named Jeremy Tyler? He was the #1 prospect for the 2010 class. He was so good that he decided to go pro at what should have been his high school senior year.
The guy went to Maccabi Haifa, a below average team in the Israeli league, got bullied by really bad players for two years and was drafted in the second round in 2011.
Trying to learn the fundamentals at age 18 in a foreign country on a team that's trying to win now and doesn't consider you a piece for the future is not a good idea. Stay in school.

this. they wont be able to play enough minutes in most cases since they are way too young and experienced.. it is rare 17-18 year olds play in significant roles in european teams. when it happens, we call them luka doncic :)
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Re: Should American high school big men consider Europe? 

Post#22 » by SkyHookFTW » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:46 pm

90sgoat wrote:
sp6r=underrated wrote:
90sgoat wrote:
There's been anti-white sentiment in the NBA since the 70s

if there was this massive anti-white Sentiment the recruitment of white europeans never would have happened.

Parsons: Being white in the NBA, there are a lot of stereotypes. It’s almost like a joking thing among guys in the league about the stereotypes, whether it’s music or food or the way we dress. It’s just stereotypes that are kind of like an ongoing thing that goes on in the NBA …

There’s stuff where people call me, ‘white boy,’ or things like that. Same thing with stereotypes. Obviously, I’m a shooter because I’m white or I’m slow and less athletic because I’m white. But not hate. When I dunk on somebody, it’ll be like, ‘Oh, Chandler Parsons is deceptively athletic.’ Why wouldn’t I just be athletic?”

Hehe, it's worse for certain positions in the NFL. Try finding a white cornerback these days. Are you a white wide receiver and fast? Ask Jordy Nelson the comments he had to deal with, lol. OTOH, find a black kicker or punter. I imagine with more blacks playing soccer in high school we might see a few filter up into the NFL.
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