Mock Off-Season: Roster Page

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Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#1 » by sportscrazy » Sat May 20, 2017 6:01 pm

In this thread, you will post:

Transaction Activity (trades/draft/free agent signings)
Depth Charts
Trade Assets
Team Salary (refer to
Cap Space ($101 Million minus (team salary, rookie cap holds and empty roster cap holds))
Disclaimer: Trades I post shouldn't make you stressed or angry if you disagree. If you say it's unproductive because it won't happen and we're only allowed to post deals that actually happen, it takes away 99% of trades here and the fun out of the board.
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#2 » by spree8 » Sat May 20, 2017 6:04 pm


Head Coach

Becky Hammon (Pop's protégé & Summer League Champ)


Depth Chart

Dennis Smith Jr | DJ Augustin | Beno Udrih
Terrence Ross | Ian Clark | Monta Ellis
Josh Jackson | Thabo Sefolosha
Aaron Gordon | James Johnson
Jonas Valanciunas | Willy Hernangomez | Al Jefferson

IR: Joakim Noah

Team Salary


Draft Selections & Future Picks

2017: #3 Josh Jackson, #8 Dennis Smith Jr.
2018: Magic 1st (Philly has right to swap) & Magic 2nd
2019: Magic 1st (Knicks have right to swap) & Greater of Cavs/Rockets/Blazers 2nd

Free Agency Signings

-James Johnson
-Thabo Sefolosha
-Ian Clark
-Beno Udrih


Trade #1

Magic: Mario Hezonja
Hawks: Kent Bazemore & #19

Trade #2

Magic: Marc Gasol, Monta Ellis, #18
Pacers: Evan Fournier
Grizzlies: Nikola Vucevic, #19, #25

Trade #3

Magic: #6, #18, 2018 right to swap 1st
Sixers: #3

Trade #4

Magic: Marc Gasol, Elfrid Payton, 2019 right to swap 1st
Knicks: #8, Willy Hernangomez, Joakim Noah

Trade #5

Magic: #33, #35, 2018 LAL 2nd, Kent Bazemore
Raptors: Jonas Valanciunas

Trade #6

Magic: Bismack Biyombo, 2019 2nd
Bucks: Al Jefferson
GMAT Knicks :king:

Luka Dončić
Jamal Murray
RJ Barrett
Danilo Gallinari
Joel Embiid

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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#3 » by Knickfan1982 » Sat May 20, 2017 6:05 pm

Minnesota Timberwolves

C-Karl Anthony Towns, Cole Aldrich
PF-Georgi Dieng, Kyle O'Quinn, Nemanja Bjelica
SF-Andrew Wiggins,
PG-Ricky Rubio, TJ McConnell
SG-Victor Oladipo, Kyle Korver

D-league-Johnathan Issac


Johnathan Issac's salary the next 3 years $2,675,700, $2,796,100, $2,916,500


Minnesota Timberwolves get: Jahlil Okafor and T.J. McConnell
Philadelphia 76ers get: Kris Dunn

Minnesota Timberwolves get: Kyle O'Quinn
NY Knicks get: Jahill Okafor

Minnesota Timberwolves get: Victor Oladipo
Oklahoma City Thunder get: Tyus Jones, Zach LaVine and 2019 Miami Heat Second Round Draft Pick

Drafted: Johnathan Issac with the #7 pick in the 2017 draft

Signed Kyle Korver to a two year deal.
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#4 » by warren weel im » Sat May 20, 2017 6:41 pm


Depth Chart:
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Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#5 » by bdpecore » Sat May 20, 2017 6:55 pm

Milwaukee Bucks

Updated 6/8 @ 11:30pmCST

Transaction Activity


1. John Henson and Matthew Dellavedova to Indiana for Al Jefferson and #47 (July 1st)

2. Mirza Teletovic and #17 to Philly for Justin Anderson and #39 (July 1st)

3. #39 (via Milwaukee) to Atlanta; Milwaukee's 2018 2nd (31-40 protected) to Dallas; DeAndre Bembry, JJ Barea and #60 (via Atlanta) to Milwaukee

4. Al Jefferson to Orlando for Bismack Biyombo and Orlando's 2019 2nd (July 1st)

5. DeAndre Bembry and Milwaukee's 2018 1st (lottery protected in both 2018 and 2019 then becomes 2019 and 2020 2nds) for Marvin William (Not completed until after the draft)

6. Justin Anderson, Spencer Hawes and #48 to OKC for Tyus Jones, Jerami Grant and Kyle Singler (July 1st)

7. DeAndre Bembry and 2018 1st (lottery protected in 2018 and 2019 then becomes 2019 and 2020 2nds) for Marvin Williams (July 1st)

8. Tyus Jones and #47 to Philly for #35

9. Part 1: TPE to Toronto for Quincey Pondexter Part 2: Trade Pondexter to Washingtonfor Satoransky and #52

10. Pick #52 and Orlando's 2019 2nd for pick #47

11. The draft rights to Sindarius Thornwell (pick 47) for pick #51 and Toronto's 2019 2nd

12. Tomas Satoransky and the draft rights to Dwayne Bacon for Justin Hamilton and Brooklyn's 2021 2nd Rd pick.

Draft Results:

Pick 35: Mathias Lessort (Draft and Stash)

Pick 51: Tyler Dorsey (Two Way Contract)

Pick 60: Dwayne Bacon (Traded his rights to Brooklyn)

Free Agent Signings:

Tony Snell (4yrs/$40MM)
Michael Beasley (2yrs/$8MM - 2nd year is TO)
Jason Terry (1yr/$1,605,967 - Vet Min)

Current Depth Chart

PG - Brogdon, Barea,Terry
SG - Middleton, Snell, Vaughn
SF - Parker, Williams, Singler
PF - Giannis, Beasley, Grant
C - Maker, Biyombo, Hamilton

2 Developmental Contracts - Tyler Dorsey and V.J. Beachem

Summer League Roster Signings - Peter Jok

Team Salary

Giannis - $22,471,911
Biyombo - $17,000,000
Middleton - $14,100,000
Williams - $13,168,750
Snell - $10,000,000
Parker - $6,782,392
Singler $4,666,500
Beasley - $4,000,000
Barea - $3,903,900
Hamilton - $3,000,000
Maker - $2,684,160
Vaughn - $1,889,040
Terry - $1,605,967
Grant - $1,524,305
Brogdon - $1,312,611
Lessort - Draft and Stash
Dorsey - Two Way Developmental Deal (2 years)
Beachem - Two Way Developmental Deal (2 years)

Dead Cap: Sanders - $1,865,547

Current Salary = $109,975,083
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#6 » by kalenclayton » Sat May 20, 2017 7:19 pm

Sacramento Kings

Updated 6/16/17 12:00PM (PST)
Transaction Activity

Offseason Summary
We went into this offseason embracing the identity of a rebuilding team. We had a lot of young talent on the squad, but needed to infuse the team with even more talent and future assets. Entering the draft, we had a ton of cap space but we knew that we wouldn't be chasing free agents. Taking on salary via trade became the goal of the offseason, but with the incoming salary, we would demand assets. We had an early decision to make with Anthony Tolliver and we guaranteed his contract for the year. We value his leadership. We also renounced the rights to Tyreke Evans as we did not see a future with him.

The draft came along and lasted a VERY lengthy time (71 pages; started May 18 and ended May 26). The Kings started the draft with picks 5, 10, and 34. The fifth pick (De'Aaron Fox) was a very easy pick, as he was exactly who we were targeting. This was the perfect 5th pick in our eyes.

The tenth pick was a lot harder. After a long period of deliberation and trade discussions, we decided against drafting Lauri Markkanen and OG Anunoby and traded down. We had our eyes on Anunoby, hoping that he would drop to 14, but he was ultimately selected at 13. When we dropped four spots, we picked up the 28th pick, as well as, Jordan Clarkson and a future 2nd rounder. We also had to take on the salary of Josh McRoberts in the trade. We had to renounce the cap hold on Rudy Gay at this moment to allow for the trade. We felt like this was a fantastic deal for our franchise and needed to take it. With the 14th pick, we selected Justin Jackson (North Carolina) whom we thought was a fantastic addition. Not only is he NBA ready, but he filled a slot that we needed to fill. We think he has the potential to be our SF of the future, but we are also being realistic in knowing that it is a gamble.

While time went by in the draft, the Brooklyn Nets contacted us about trading up. They needed to clear some cap space for the summer and we discussed a trade. We took on the expiring contract of Trevor Booker in order to move up seven spots from #34. This hurt a bit of our flexibility for the offseason, but ultimately, it gave us the opportunity to get the guy we really wanted. Armed we two more first round picks, we selected Rodions Kurucs at #27 and Jordan Bell at #28. This made the team ecstatic, as we got 2 more of our top 10 targets. We didn't think either player would be available at #34, so we were extremely excited to move up to get both of them! We tried to make a few more moves during the 2nd round, but ultimately found that we were better off standing pat. We waived Arron Afflalo by the end of the night in a salary cap move (guaranteeing him only $1.5 million).

Free Agency rolled around and we had some decisions to make. We discussed trades during free agency and tried to take on more salary for future assets. None of the trades materialized and we were left with a decision of whether or not to sign Darren Collison. We valued him a lot and wanted to bring him back, but we wanted to wait for more trade proposals. Unfortunately, he received a decent offer from the Knicks and we had to act fast. We ended up offering him a 2-year $24million contract with the second year being a player option. We really liked his fit with the team and his leadership qualities with the young guys. This signing dried up a lot of our cap space, so we decided it was time to sign Bogdan Bogdanovic. We offered him a 4-year $30million contract and he accepted. We were so excited to finally bring him over to be a big future piece to our rebuild.

In order to free up roster space for our four rookies, we had to make a few decisions. We asked Rodions Kurucs to stay in Barcelona to keep developing and he agreed to do so. Then we waived Josh McRoberts and Langston Galloway. We then set out to fill our 2-way roster spots and we signed Isaiah Cousins (2016 #60 pick) and Chris Boucher to 2-year contracts. We thought we were done with free agency, but saw that one our only targets hadn't even received an offer. We wanted Shabazz Muhammad greatly at the start of free agency, but thought he would be far out of our price range. We were baffled at this and decided to reach out on the last day of free agency. We asked Shabazz to sign with us for our remaining cap space ($1,290,363) with a player option in the second year. He accepted and we had a party! In order to make room for him, we waived Trevor Booker.

This offseason was a tremendous success for our front office. Not only did we achieve our goals of infusing our roster with you, but we also preserved future flexibility in a huge way. We should have a ton of cap space next season along with a high pick in the draft. Our team may be ready to compete by 2019 and will have a ton of flexibility in the meantime.

Depth Chart at Start of the Season
italicized = new addition
() = two-way contract

PG: Darren Collison --- De'Aaron Fox --- Jordan Clarkson --- (Isaiah Cousins)
SG: Buddy Hield --- Bogdan Bogdanovic --- Malachi Richardson
SF: Garrett Temple --- Shabazz Muhammad --- Justin Jackson
PF: Skal Labissiere --- Anthony Tolliver --- Jordan Bell --- (Chris Boucher)
C: Willie Cauley-Stein --- Kosta Koufos --- Georgios Papagiannis


1. 3-team trade: MIA-OKC-SAC (July 1st)
MIA out: #14, Tyler Johnson, and Josh McRoberts July 1
MIA in: #10

OKC out: 2019 Miami 2nd, Jordan Clarkson, and #28
OKC in: Tyler Johnson

SAC out: #10
SAC in: #14, #28, Clarkson, 2019 Miami 2nd, and Josh McRoberts

2. BKN-SAC (July 1st)
SAC in: Trevor Booker and #27
BKN in: #34

Waived Arron Afflalo
Waived Josh McRoberts
Agreed to have Rodions Kurucs stay in Barcelona
Waived Langston Galloway
Signed Bogdan Bogdanovic to a 4-year base pay $30 million deal
Signed Darren Collison to a 2-year base pay $24 million deal (2nd year PO)
Signed Isaiah Cousins to a 2-year two-way contract
Signed Chris Boucher to a 2-year two-way contract
Waived Trevor Booker
Signed Shabazz Muhammad to a 2-year ~$2.6 Million contract (2nd year PO)

Draft Results:

Pick 5: De'Aaron Fox (PG - University of Kentucky)
Pick 14: Justin Jackson (SF - University of North Carolina)
Pick 27: Rodions Kurucs (SF - Barcelona 2) (STASHED)
Pick 28: Jordan Bell (PF - University of Oregon)

Future Draft Picks:
2018: SAC 1st; SAC 2nd [More favorable of SAC and POR then other to DEN (via SAC swap for POR)]
2019: MIA 2nd (via CHA and OKC); SAC or MIL 2nd [Less favorable of SAC and MIL then other to PHL (via PHL swap of MIL for SAC (via BRK))]
2020: SAC 1st; SAC 2nd; DET 2nd (via PHX)
2021: SAC 1st; SAC 2nd
2022: SAC 1st; SAC 2nd
2023: SAC 1st; SAC 2nd
2024: SAC 1st; SAC 2nd

Player Rights Held:
Rodions Kurucs (Stashed)
Luka Mitrovic
Arturas Gudaitis
Dejan Bodiroga
Alex Oriakhi

Team Salary (17-18)
Team Option
Player Option

Darren Collison - 2 Years ($12,000,000; $12,000,000)
De'Aaron Fox - 2 Years ($4,609,200; $5,470,920; $6,392,760; $8,099,627)
Jordan Clarkson - 3 Years ($11,562,500; $12,500,000; $13,437,500)
(Isaiah Cousins - 2 Years - Two-Way Contract @ No Cap Hold)
PG 17-18 Salary = $28,171,700

Buddy Hield - 1 Year ($3,675,480; $3,833,760; $4,861,208)
Bogdan Bogdanovic - 4 years ($7,500,000; $7,500,000; $7,500,000; $7,500,000)
Garrett Temple - 2 Years ($8,000,000; $8,000,000)
Malachi Richardson - 1 Year ($1,504,560; $1,569,360; $2,581,597)
SG 17-18 Salary = $20,680,040

Justin Jackson 2 Years ($2,490,360; $2,955,840; $3,454,080; $5,115,492)
Shabazz Muhammad - 2 Year ($1,290,363, $1,348,429
SF 17-18 Salary = $3,780,723

Skal Labissiere - 1 Year ($1,242,240; $1,295,760; $2,338,847)
Anthony Tolliver - 1 Year ($8,000,000)
Jordan Bell - 2 Years ($1,414,920; $1,679,520; $1,962,360; $3,542,060
(Chris Boucher - 2 Years - Two-Way Contract @ No Cap Hold)
PF 17-18 Salary = $10,657,160

Willie Cauley-Stein - 1 Year ($3,704,160; $4,696,875)
Kosta Koufos - 2 Years ($8,393,000; $8,739,500)
Georgios Papagiannis - 1 Year ($2,301,360; $2,400,480; $3,430,286)
C 17-18 Salary = $14,388,520

Cap Holds:
Rudy Gay ($20,000,000) RENOUNCED
Tyreke Evans ($15,305,633) RENOUNCED
Ben McLemore ($10,022,205 --- $5,375,911 QO) (QO Pulled) RENOUNCED
Darren Collison ($9,935,963) - Signed
Ty Lawson ($1,471,382) - RENOUNCED
Bogdan Bogdanovic ($1,423,560) Signed
Pick 5 ($3,841,000) - Signed @ 120%
Pick 14 ($2,075,300) - Signed @ 120%
Pick 28 ($1,179,100) - Signed @ 120%

Dead Cap :sigh: :
Matt Barnes ($2,133,542)
Caron Butler ($517,220)
Arron Afflalo ($1,500,000) waived on draft day
Josh McRoberts ($6,021,175) waived at start of free agency
Langston Galloway ($5,434,000) waived during free agency
Trevor Booker - ($9,125,000) waived during free agency

Salary Summary
Current Player Salary after all approved trades = $77,688,143
Dead Cap = $24,730,937
Cap Number = $102,419,080
SALARY CAP = $101,000,000
Current Available Cap Space = ($1,419,080)

Future Salary
18-19 w/o draft picks
Not Updated since the start of FA
Dead Cap:
Matt Barnes ($2,133,542) + Caron Butler ($517,220) = $2,650,762
Guaranteed Contracts:
Jordan Clarkson = $12,500,000
Player Options:
Kosta Koufos ($8,739,500) + Garrett Temple ($8,000,000) = $16,739,500
Team Options:
Willie Cauley-Stein ($4,696,875) + Buddy Hield ($3,833,760) + Georgios Papagiannis ($2,400,480) + Malachi Richardson ($1,569,360) + Skal Labissiere ($1,295,760) = $13,796,235
Estimated NBA Salary Cap: ~$103,000,000
Kings Max Cap Space with dead cap, all team options declined and cap holds renounced: $87,849,238
Kings Cap Space with all team options accepted: $74,053,003
Kings Cap Space with all team and player options accepted: $57,313,503
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#7 » by stitches » Sat May 20, 2017 9:28 pm

(Last updated: after day 3 of FA)



Transaction Activity (trades/draft/free agent signings)
Trade 1:
Utah trades Alec Burks
Utah receives TPE + 2019 DAL second round pick(55-60 protected until 2021, when it becomes unprotected)

Dallas trades TPE + 2019 DAL second round pick(55-60 protected until 2021, when it becomes unprotected)
Dallas receives Alec Burks
Trade 2:
UTA trades Derrick Favors, Joel Bolomboy, SAS 2022 2nd round pick
UTA receives Danny Green, SAS 2019 pick swap(top 3 protected), SAS 2020(top 3 protected until 2023, when it turns into 2 seconds)

SAS trades Danny Green, SAS 2019 pick swap(top 3 protected), SAS 2020(top 3 protected until 2023, when it turns into 2 seconds)
SAS receives Derrick Favors, Joel Bolomboy, SAS 2022 2nd round pick
Free agency:
Jazz agreed to 5/$177.5M (4+1 PO) contract with Gordon Hayward.
Jazz agreed to 2 year 2-way contract with Sterling Brown
Jazz agreed to 4/78M contract with George Hill.
Jazz agreed to 4/35M contract with Joe Ingles
Jazz agreed to 4/32M(MLE) contract with Patrick Patterson
Jazz agreed to 2/3.5M (1+1TO) contract with Donatas Motiejunas
Jazz agreed to 2 year 2 way contract with Isaiah Briscoe

Jazz renounce Jeff Withey
Jazz renounce Shelvin Mack

The Jazz waive Boris Diaw.

The Jazz sign Gordon Hayward to 5 year(4+1PO) $177.5M contract starting at 30,300,000(with 8% raises the following years)
The Jazz sign George Hill to 4 years $78M contract starting at 17,763,657 (following years at $19,184,749, $20,605,842, $20,445,752)
The Jazz sign Joe Ingles to 4 years $35M contract starting at 7,810,000(with 8% raises the following years)

#24: Bam Adebayo, C, Kentucky
#30: Hamidou Diallo, SG, Kentucky
#42: Kyle Kuzma, PF, Utah
#55: Anzejs Pasecniks, C, Gran Canaria

Depth Charts
PG: George Hill, Dante Exum, Raul Neto*
SG: Danny Green, Rodney Hood, Sterling Brown
SF: Gordon Hayward, Joe Johnson, Joe Ingles
PF: Patrick Patterson, Trey Lyles, Kyle Kuzma
C: Rudy Gobert, Bam Adebayo, Donatas Motiejunas
* contract agreed to, waiting for team to finish business to sign it officially
* non-guaranteed contract

Trade Assets
Rights to Ante Tomic
Rights to Hamidou Diallo
Rights to Anzejs Pasecniks
2018 UTA 1st, 2018 OKC(lottery protected) 1st; 2018 UTA 2nd
2019 UTA 1st, rights to swap 1st with SAS 2019(top 3 protected); 2019 UTA 2nd, 2019 DAL(55-60 protected) 2nd
2020 UTA 1st, 2020 SAS 1st(top 3 protected); 2020 UTA 2nd
2021: UTA 1st; 2021 UTA 2nd, 2021 WAS 2nd
2022: UTA 1st; UTA 2nd
11M TPE (via trade with Dallas for Alec Burks)
Players: Any of the players... for the right price.

Team Salary:
1 Danny Green 10,000,000
2 Patterson, Patrick 8,000,000
3 Sterling Brown ---------------> two-way contract, doesn't count towards salary cap
4 Exum, Dante 4,992,385
5 Gobert, Rudy 21,224,719
6 Hayward, Gordon 30,300,000
7 Hill, George 17,763,657
8 Hood, Rodney 2,386,864
9 Ingles, Joe 7,810,000
10 Johnson, Joe 10,505,000
11 Lyles, Trey 2,441,400
12 Motiejunas, Donatas 1,709,538
13 Neto, Raul 1,471,382 (NG)
14 Adebayo, Edrice 1,579,440
15 Kuzma, Kyle 815,615

Two-way NBA/GLeague contracts:
1. Sterling Brown
2. Isaiah Briscoe

Salaries with capholds: 121,000,000
Cap Space: (-20,000,000)
Luxury tax: 0
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#8 » by SD2042 » Sun May 21, 2017 12:23 am


Memphis Grizzlies

2017-18 Team Roster

PG: M.Conley, A.Harrison, D.Jackson
SG: T.Daniels, J.Hart
C: N.Vucevic, S.Hawes, J. Patton
PF: D.Davis
SF: J. Ennis, C.Parsons

Head Coach: David Fizdale


Trade #1

Memphis Grizzlies traded M. Gasol


Orlando Magic for N. Vucevic, 2017 First Round Picks #19 and #25

Trade #2

Memphis Grizzlies trade Jarell Martin and the #25th Pick


Chicago Bulls for #38, 2020 and 2021 second round picks w/o restrictions

Trade #3

Memphis Grizzlies trade Wade Baldwin IV
Grizzlies receive Demetrius Jackson

Indiana Pacers trade Joe Young and 2020 second round pick
Pacers receive Wade Baldwin IV and Jordan Mickey

Boston Celtics trade Demetrius Jackson and Jordan Mickey
Celtics receive Joe Young and 2020 second round pick

Trade #4

Grizzlies traded Brandan Wright


Thunder for Spencer Hawes

Draft Picks

#19 Jason Patton C from University of Creighton

#38 Josh Hart SG from University of Villanova

*** Grizzlies have traded 25th pick and will receive #38 in the second round***

Free Agent Signings

Will update when the time comes.

Team Salary 2017-18

Conley $28,530,608

Parsons $23,112,004

Vucevic $12,250,000

Hawes $6,201,175

Daniels $3,408,520

Ennis $3,028,410

Patton $1,627,320 (used Malik Beasley salary as he was drafted 19th in 2016 Draft)

Jackson $ 1,450,000

Davis $1,312,611

Harrison $1,312,611

Hart $543,471(used Patrick McCaw as he was drafted 38th in 2016 NBA Draft)

Franklin(stretched) $163,296

Trade Assets

2017 #25th Pick
All future second round picks
Jarell Martin

Cap Holds

Zach Randolph ($15,542,168) Renounced

Tony Allen ($10,460,674) Renounced

Vince Carter ($8,101,708) Renounced

JaMychal Green (RFA, $2,820,497) Renounced

Cap Holds: $0
Current 2017-18 Team Salary: $83,020,666(including JP)
NBA Salary Cap: $101,000,000
Grizzlies Available Cap Space: $17,979,334

Dead Cap:

Jamaal Franklin $326,592
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#9 » by DerrickNoah » Sun May 21, 2017 1:57 am


Atlanta Hawks
PG: Dennis Schroder / Emanuel Mudiay / (L.Galloway)
SG: Dion Waiters / Wayne Ellington / Langston Galloway
SF: Taurean Prince / Mario Hezonja / (T.Lydon)
PF: Paul Millsap / Thomas Robinson/ Tyler Lydon(#31)
C: Dwight Howard / Mike Muscala / Ivan Rabb(#39)

Head Coach: Mike Budenholzer

Player Salaries
Paul Millsap 35,000,000 / 35,000,000 / 35,000,000
Dennis Schroder 15,500,000 / 15,500,000 / 15,500,000
Emanuel Mudiay 3,381,480 / 4,294,479
Taurean Prince 2,422,560 / 2,526,840 / 3,481,985
Dwight Howard 23,500,000 / 23,500,000
Mario Hezonja 4,078,320 / 5,167,231
Ivan Rabb 543,471 / 905,249 / 1,050,262
Tyler Lydon 543,471 / 905,249 / 1,050,262
Doin Waiters 12,500,000 / 13,000,000 / 13,500,000
Mike Muscala 1,400,000 / 1,400,000
Wayne Ellington 1,400,000 / 1,400,000
Langston Galloway 1,400,000 / 1,400,000
Thomas Robinson 1,000,000
Total = 104,673,314

Draft Picks
2017: #31(Tyler Lydon) & #39(Ivan Rabb)
2018: ATL 1st; ATL 2nd;
2019: ATL 1st; ATL 2nd; CLE 1st(lotto prot); WAS 2nd;
2020: ATL 1st; ATL 2nd
2021: ATL 1st; ATL 2nd
2022: ATL 1st; ATL 2nd

Magic get:
Kent Bazemore & #19
Mario Hezonja
Bucks get:
DeAndre Bembry & #60
Nuggets get:
Malcom Delaney & Minn pick
Emanuel Mudiay
BAF: Phoenix Suns
PG: Jalen Suggs / Cam Thomas / B.Wesley
SG: Ayo Dosunmu / Christian Braun / M.Christie
SF: Franz Wagner / Corey Kispert / O.Agbaji
PF: Patrick Williams / Isaiah Livers / C.Houstan
C: Mark Williams / Ousmane Dieng / W.Gabriel
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#10 » by spearsy23 » Sun May 21, 2017 2:52 am

OKC Thunder

Depth Chart:
Russell Westbrook/ Tyler Johnson/ Frank Mason III
Andre Roberson/ Zach Lavine/ Daniel Hamilton
Danillo Gallinari/ Justin Anderson/ Josh Huestis
Domantas Sabonis/ TJ Leaf
Steven Adams/ Brandan Wright/ dakari johnson

Other Assets: 2020 OKC 1st

Team Option on Jerami Grant picked up

Renounce cap holds to
Nick Collison

Semaj Christon
Wayne Ellington
Trades *I'm on mobile, so only posting my parts of the trades*
OKC Out:
Victor Oladipo

Zach Lavine, Tyus Jones, 2019 Mia 2nd

OKC Out:
Enes Kanter, Doug McDermott, 2018 Chi 2nd, 2018 OKC 2nd

Jordan Clarkson, 2017 pick #28

3- OKC/Mia/Sac
OKC Out:
2019 Mia 2nd, Jordan Clarkson, 2017 Pick #28

Tyler Johnson

OKC Out:
Alex Abrines, 2017 pick #21

2017 Pick 18, Nik Stauskas, 2020 OKC 1st returned

5- OKC/Mia
OKC out:
Nick Stauskas

OKC in:
Wayne Ellington

Current Contracts
Steven Adams ******* $22,471,911
Josh Huestis ******* $01,471,382
Tyler Johnson ****** $05,881,260
Zach Lavine ******* $03,202,218
Domantas Sabonis *** $02,550,000
Russell Westbrook ** $28,530,608
Brandan wright ***** $5,955,760
Justin Anderson **** $1,579,440
Andre Roberson **** $13,000,000
Danillo Gallinari* **** $17,500,000
Dakari Johnson ***** $875,000
Daniel Hamilton* **** $* [two way contract]
TJ Leaf ************* $2,430,000
Frank mason ******* $865,000
Total **************

Ronnie Price ******* $2,442,455

Total Salary ****** $94,127,234

Cap space- $6,872,766
“If you're getting stops and you're making threes and the other team's not scoring, that's when you're going to see a huge point difference there,” coach Billy Donovan said.
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#11 » by Mich3006 » Sun May 21, 2017 9:08 am

Denver Nuggets (May 29th, 2017)


#13 OG Anunoby
#41 Cam Oliver

Nuggets trade: Faried, #49, #51
Nuggets aquire: Ed Davis, TPE
Nuggets trade: Ed Davis, 2018 2nd (SAC/POR)
Nuggets aquire: #41

Other transactions:
Renounced cap hold Danilo Galinari ($22,575,000)
Waived Mike Miller´s non-guaranteed contract ($3,500,000)
Extended a qualifying offer to Mason Plumlee ($4,588,840)

Trade assets:
Emmanuel Mudiay
Will Barton
DEN 2018 1st
GSW 2018 2nd
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#12 » by BullyKing » Sun May 21, 2017 10:35 am



Released Gerald Henderson

Trade 1: Jahlil Okafor and TJ McConnell for Kris Dunn

Trade 2: Justin Anderson and Pick No. 39 for Mirza Teletovic and Pick No. 17

Trade 3: Pick No. 3 for Pick No. 6, Pick No. 18 and the right to swap PHI 2018 1st with ORL 2018 1st

Trade 4: Pick No. 18, Nik Stauskas, and returning previously owed OKC 2020 protected 1st for Pick No. 21 and Alex Abrines

Trade 5: Pick No. 17 and Pick No. 36 for Pick No. 15, Pick No. 49 and Pick No. 51.

Trade 6: Kris Dunn to Indiana for 2018 1st (top 5 protected in 2018 and 2019, top 3 protected in 2020, unprotected in 2021).

Trade 7: Pick No. 21, Pick No. 49 and Pick No. 51 for Pick No. 23 and Pick No. 35

Trade 8: Pick No. 35 for Tyus Jones and Pick. No. 47

Trade 9: Pick No. 47 for Pick No. 52 and ORL 2019 2nd


Pick No. 6 - Malik Monk
Pick No. 15 - Donovan Mitchell
Pick No. 23 - Jonathan Jeanne
Pick No. 46 - Derrick White
Pick No. 50 - Kostja Mushidi
Pick No. 52 - Devin Robinson

Assets: Picks 21, 46, 49, 50, and 51. Bayless, Teletovic, Abrines, future picks (too many to list).

Depth Chart:

PG: Monk, Bayless, Jones
SG: Mitchell, Abrines, White
SF: Covington, TLC, Robinson
PF: Simmons, Saric, Teletovic
C: Embiid, Holmes


Mirza Teletovic $10,500,000 $10,500,000
Jerryd Bayless $9,000,000 $8,575,916
Ben Simmons $6,168,840 $6,434,520 $8,113,930 $10,548,109
Joel Embiid $6,100,266 $8,003,549
Alex Abrines $5,725,000 $5,455,236 $6,819,045
Malik Monk $2,931,000 $3,062,900 $3,194,800
Dario Saric $2,422,560 $2,526,840 $3,481,986 $4,791,212
D. Mitchell $1,656,200 $1,730,700 $1,805,300
Covington $1,577,230
TLC $1,386,600 $1,544,951 $2,529,684 $3,698,397
Holmes $1,471,382 $1,600,520

Total Salary: $48,939,078
Cap Space (including one roster spot cap hold): $51,245,307
NYSixersFan wrote:
the plan is to get as good as quickly as possible....I fully believe we could have been a borderline playoff team last year by adding young veterans....using or draft picks and cap space.....can I specifically tell you who? no.
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#13 » by LuessiT » Sun May 21, 2017 6:14 pm

Toronto Raptors


Trade 1 (with Orlando Magic): Jonas Valanciunas for Kent Bazemore/#33/#35/2018 LAL 2nd

Trade 2 (with Philadelphia 76ers): #23/#35 for #21/#49/#51

Trade 3 (with New Orleans Pelicans): Corey Joseph for Quincy Pondexter/Axel Toupane/Quinn Cook/#40/2018 NOP 2nd

Trade 4 (with Milwaukee Bucks): Quincy Pondexter for TPE

Trade 5 (with Milwaukee Bucks): #51/2019 TOR 2nd for #47

Roster Action:

Waived Axel Toupane, Quinn Cook and Fred VanVleet (all NG).


#21: Ike Anigbogu
#33: Frank Jackson
#40: Jonah Bolden
#47: Sindarius Thornwell
#49: Arnoldas Kulboka

Free Agency:

Resigned Kyle Lowry to a 3+1 (PO) 120m contract.
Resigned Serge Ibaka to a 4+1 (PO) 117.3m contract.

Depth Chart:

PG: Lowry, Wright, Jackson
SG: DeRozan, Powell, Thornwell
SF: Bazemore, Carroll, Caboclo
PF: Ibaka, Siakam, Bolden
C: Poeltl, Nogueira, Anigbogu


Kyle Lowry $30,000,000 $30,000,000 $30,000,000 $30,000,000 (PO)
DeMare DeRozan $27,739,975 $27,739,975 $27,739,975 $27,739,975 (PO)
Serge Ibaka $20,000,000 $21,600,000 $23,328,000 $25,194,240 $27,209,779 (PO)
Kent Bazemore $16,910,113 $18,089,887 $19,269,662 (PO)
DeMarre Carroll $14,800,000 $15,400,000
Lucas Nogueira $2,947,305
Jakob Poeltl $2,825,640 $2,947,320 (TO) $3,754,886 (TO)
Bruno Caboclo $2,451,225
Delon Wright $1,645,200 $2,536,898 (TO)
Norman Powell $1,471,382
Pascal Siakam $1,249,920 $1,303,680 (TO) $2,351,839 (TO)

Unrenounced Cap Holds:

#21 $1,487,500

Total Salary (including Cap Holds):

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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#14 » by DocRI » Sun May 21, 2017 6:20 pm

stitches wrote:Shout out to stitches 'cuz I'm stealing his formatting!


Transaction Activity (trades/draft/free agent signings)

Trade 1:
DET trades Marcus Morris
DET receives CHI's 2016 1st round draft pick (#16)

Draft (1st Round, #12):
DET selects Harry Giles (PF/C, Duke)

Draft (1st Round, #16):
DET selects Luke Kennard (SG, Duke)

Trade 2:
DET trades draft rights to Harry Giles (#12) & draft rights to Luke Kennard (#16)
DET receives Isaiah Thomas

Trade 3:
DET trades Tobias Harris & Ish Smith
DET receives LaMarcus Aldridge

Trade 4:
DET trades their 2018 2nd round pick (protected #31 – #40) and $1.5M in cash
DET receives 2017 pick #56 (from LAC via BOS)

Draft (2nd Round, #56):
DET selects Nigel Williams-Goss (PG, Gonzaga)

Free Agency (Day 2):
DET signs Jared Sullinger (PF/C)

Free Agency (Day 2):
DET signs Moritz Wagner (C, UDFA from U. of Michigan)

Depth Charts

PG: Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Jackson, Nigel Williams-Goss
SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Darrun HIlliard (NG)
SF: Stanley Johnson, Michael Gbinije (NG)
PF: LaMarcus Aldridge, Jon Leuer, Henry Ellenson
C: Andre Drummond, Boban Marjanovic, Jared Sullinger, Moritz Wagner

Head Coach: Stan Van Gundy
Associate Coach: Alvin Gentry


(NG) Non-guranteed contract
(Italics) New acquisition

Trade Assets

2017: None remaining
2018: DET first round pick
2019: DET first round pick, second round pick from POR, CLE, HOU or ORL (Note: for details, please see, it's really convoluted!)
2020: DET first round pick
2021: DET first round pick, DET second round pick
2022: DET first round pick, DET second round pick
Players: Willing to discuss trade offers for any player other than Andre Drummond

Team Salary (updated after Day 2 of Free Agency):

Andre Drummond — $23,775,506
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope — $22,500,000 (Signed Day 1 of Free Agency)
LaMarcus Aldridge — $21,461,010
Reggie Jackson — $16,000,000
Jon Leuer — $10,497,319
Boban Marjanovic — $7,000,000
Isaiah Thomas — $6,261,395
Josh Smith — $5,331,729 (Stretched)
Stanley Johnson — $3,097,800
Henry Ellenson — $1,780,800
Darrun Hilliard — $1,471,382 (UNG)
Michael Gbinije — $1,312,611 (UNG)
Jared Sullinger — $1.178,992 (Signed Day 2 of Free Agency)
Nigel Williams-Goss — $562,493
Moritz Wagner — $0 (Non-Guaranteed Two-Way Contract, Signed Day 2 of Free Agency)

Cap Space: : None (currently $21,211,037 over salary cap)
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Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#15 » by jayjaysee » Mon May 22, 2017 2:11 pm

Indiana Pacers


Myles Turner $2,569,920
Ian Mahinmi $16,661,641
Lavoy Allen $2,164,000

Power Forward

Thad Young $14,796,348
Jordan Mickey $1,223,653
Georges Niang $1,312,611

Small Forward

Paul George $19,508,958
Marcus Morris $5,000,000
Glenn Robinson iii $1,524,305

Shooting Guard

Evan Fournier $17,000,000
Lance Stephenson $4,180,000

Point Guard

Jeff Teague $22,000,000
Kris Dunn $4,046,760
Aaron Brooks $2,164,000
Wade Baldwin $1,874,400

2018 Cap; $115,537,946
14 million over the cap, 5 mil under the tax.

Owed draft picks
2018 1st Top 5 protected to Philly
2018 2nd 31-44 protected to Boston (unprotected 2019)
2018 2nd 45-60 protected to Portland through 2022 (from Brooklyn/Indiana)

Transactions (with some skipping involved) ;

2017 first (18th overall) and Monta Ellis for Evan Fournier

Al Jefferson and a 2017 2nd (47th overall) for Ian Mahinmi and Marcus Morris (sort of)

2018 first (top 5 protected) for Kris Dunn

Joe Young and a protected 2018 2nd for Jordan Mickey and Wade Baldwin.
Ideal depth chart

M.Turner / I. Mahinmi / ( L. Allen)
T. Young / M. Turner / M. Morris (Niang/Mickey)
P. George / M. Morris / G. Robinson3
E. Fournier / L. Stephenson
J. Teague / K. Dunn / A.Brooks (W. Baldwin)
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#16 » by Prokorov » Mon May 22, 2017 2:18 pm



Jeremy Lin
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
Justin Hamilton
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#17 » by aramada » Mon May 22, 2017 3:07 pm



Butler, Jimmy $18,696,918
Felício, Cristiano $4,100,000
Grant, Jerian $1,713,840
Martin, Jarell $1,471,382
Lopez, Robin $13,788,500
Mirotić, Nikola $12,500,000
Mills, Patty $8,406,000
Scott, Mike $1,014,746
Green, Gerald $1,014,746
Henson, John $11,422,536
Payne, Cameron $2,203,440
Rondo, Rajon $13,397,000
Valentine, Denzel $2,186,400
Beal, Bradley $23,775,506
Zipser, Paul $1,312,611

TOTAL SALARIES $117,003,625

Depth Chart

PG: Rondo, Mills, Payne
SG: Beal, Valentine, Grant
SF: Butler, Zipser, Green
PF: Mirotic, Scott, Martin, Hayes
C: Lopez, Henson, Felicio


Bulls upgraded their roster this offseason, with the headline change being Beal replacing Wade. Beal is an upgrade on both ends of the floor and a player still improving, whereas we were anticipating further decline from DWade. We expect Beal to become an All Star this upcoming season. He also provides more spacing around Butler and Rondo, and some potential relief for Butler on defense (which was a top priority entering the offseason). Mills will also provide more spacing and that spark plug off the bench we were missing at times last season. With Henson, we bring that extra toughness we have lost since Taj was traded.
While we lost Portis and our picks in the process, this roster still has a significant amount of upside especially in the back court, where Grant, Valentine, and Zipser will given opportunities to shine.
To be successful in 2018, the Bulls will need Butler and Beal to step up their game further, which we have no doubt will occur given their respective careers and work ethic. We also wanted to give Niko Mirotic another opportunity to become the solid starter we envisioned he would become, with more spacing for him to operate, and the perspective of stability as he'll begin the season as a starter.
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#18 » by LuessiT » Mon May 22, 2017 4:34 pm

aramada wrote:CHICAGO BULLS


I realize I am projected to be slightly above the cap. If I don't find a trade that will reduce my total number by the end of the draft, I will just withdraw the QO to Lauvergne and make him a FA.

Available assets, at the right price

Cam Payne
Denzel Valentine
Jerian Grant
Isaiah Canaan
Bobby Portis
Paul Zipser

Depth Chart

PG: Rondo, Grant, Payne, Canaan
SG: Wade, Valentine
SF: Butler, Zipser
PF: Morris, Mirotic (QO), Portis
C: Lopez, Felicio (QO), Lauvergne (QO)

I mean why does it bother you that you are over the cap? It's not like you're getting into luxury territory.
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#19 » by aramada » Mon May 22, 2017 4:40 pm

LuessiT wrote:
aramada wrote:CHICAGO BULLS


I realize I am projected to be slightly above the cap. If I don't find a trade that will reduce my total number by the end of the draft, I will just withdraw the QO to Lauvergne and make him a FA.

Available assets, at the right price

Cam Payne
Denzel Valentine
Jerian Grant
Isaiah Canaan
Bobby Portis
Paul Zipser

Depth Chart

PG: Rondo, Grant, Payne, Canaan
SG: Wade, Valentine
SF: Butler, Zipser
PF: Morris, Mirotic (QO), Portis
C: Lopez, Felicio (QO), Lauvergne (QO)

I mean why does it bother you that you are over the cap? It's not like you're getting into luxury territory.

You are correct, actually
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Re: Mock Off-Season: Roster Page 

Post#20 » by bdpecore » Mon May 22, 2017 5:17 pm

aramada wrote:
LuessiT wrote:
aramada wrote:CHICAGO BULLS


I realize I am projected to be slightly above the cap. If I don't find a trade that will reduce my total number by the end of the draft, I will just withdraw the QO to Lauvergne and make him a FA.

Available assets, at the right price

Cam Payne
Denzel Valentine
Jerian Grant
Isaiah Canaan
Bobby Portis
Paul Zipser

Depth Chart

PG: Rondo, Grant, Payne, Canaan
SG: Wade, Valentine
SF: Butler, Zipser
PF: Morris, Mirotic (QO), Portis
C: Lopez, Felicio (QO), Lauvergne (QO)

I mean why does it bother you that you are over the cap? It's not like you're getting into luxury territory.

You are correct, actually

Actually the CBA allows you to go over the cap up to $100K when taking on salary like you are in the Morris for 1st trade. So you should be just fine.

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