Trade Ideas Thread: Deadline Edition

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Re: Trade Ideas Thread: Deadline Edition 

Post#701 » by retrobro90 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:27 am

Kizz Fastfists wrote:While I would agree that Wiggins feels like a Presti addition. I don't think Minny has any interest in trading him. Their new front office has brought in people to work with Wiggins and they seem to like his potential a lot. As I have said I wouldn't be opposed to trading for Wiggins if the deal sent out Russ. I just don't see that happening. I don't see Minny taking an offer like Schroder and Roberson for Wiggins unless they are really desperate to clear their cap to try to land a max player to pair with KAT and are willing to plan for 2 years out. I think that is a big risk as they could have a shot to trade for someone at the level of Butler, but they might actually fit with KAT, as long as they have Wiggins' salary for the match.

I actually think a CP3 for Wiggins trade would be interesting. Wiggins would fit in their system and CP3 would give KAT a PG that could make him better. I'm not sure either team would pull the trigger, but given the CP3 rumors that is the best trade fit I can think of for Wiggins right now. I could see Teague and Wiggins for CP3 as a boost for both teams.

I don't really see how that makes us any better in either the short or long term but I guess I just still think Russell Westbrook is better than Andrew Wiggins.

I also don't think it has to be a future max FA with KAT for them (like all teams) to value their capspace/salary sheet/tax bill. They might want to keep Saric/Rose/whoever or bring in a starting calibre PG not named Teague.

They DO need a 2nd star though. At some point over the course of the next 5 years. A CP/Wiggins swap is beyond brutal for them for that reason. They just signed KAT to a 5 year max. At least Wiggins is 24. Why would they handcuff themselves to an even more immovable deal for the duration of them trying to improve? The only way they're going to get a real 2nd banana is through the draft or via trade so it makes sense to at least have one big contract on the squad that isn't a complete albatross. It won't be long before Wiggins isn't seen as a "young" player anymore whereas CP is looking more like a corpse every season.

Houston would be an absolute **** show defensively with a Teague/Harden/Wiggins starting trio.
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Re: Trade Ideas Thread: Deadline Edition 

Post#702 » by Pillendreher » Tue Jun 18, 2019 7:08 am

retrobro90 wrote:For starters this is not something I want to do but it's been a nagging feeling. Just knowing our FO's stubborn tendencies and the history of this player in head to heads against our squad I could see OKC trading for Wiggins.

Another guy with tunnel vision and a >50TS% on a scorched earth level terrible contract to a team that DESPERATELY, DESPERATELY, needs high IQ players and players that can shoot. OKC could appease at least most of that salary relief for Minny with Schroder and Robes as the outgoing pieces (Robes expiring, Schroder with two fewer and friendlier years on his deal than Wiggins). #11 would have to be included in the deal but OKC would be really dumb to trade them #21 in a draft where 5-25 are near identical value.

Doesn't it just feel so Presti though? High level athlete. Reclamation project. Braindead floor game. It feels like it's already happened.
It's all about the potential. Wiggins is the ultimate challenge for Sam Presti's "Turn black sheep, but talented players into good players" project.
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