How are y'all handling the playoffs???

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How are y'all handling the playoffs??? 

Post#1 » by WestonMicah » Mon May 11, 2020 2:38 am

As the season looks unlikely to pick back up, at least regular season where we could finish out the fantasy season, our league decided we wanted some kind of resolution that didn't just mean ending the year.

I created custom rosters on NBA2K20 and moved around the players on the teams to match every team's end of season lineups. We're going to sim the games (CPU vs CPU) and stream the games on twitch for the league to watch. We're gonna do a Best of 3 for the first round, Best of 5 for the Semis and Best of 7 for the final. Everyone in the league is pretty geeked about it -- its at least something sports to look forward to and since we can all watch we're going to spread the games out so we'll have some game nights. FWIW, the league unanimously approved this instead of pushing our dues out a season.

This all got me curious though -- how are y'all planning on handling the end of the season?
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Re: How are y'all handling the playoffs??? 

Post#2 » by mastermixer » Sun Jun 7, 2020 6:17 pm

People wanted their money back, so a few weeks into it we divided the money up based on standings. People that were eliminated from the playoffs got nothing back.

I am the commish. So I did my best to keep it fair, but some people were unhappy with the payout
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Re: How are y'all handling the playoffs??? 

Post#3 » by granger05 » Tue Jun 9, 2020 5:46 pm

I just had what I think is a really good idea in one of my dynasty/contract leagues. I'm proposing that we duplicate the whole league. The original league proceeds allowing contracts to expire and have a rookie draft and FA as normal. The duplicate league has some roster restrictions, you can't pick up incoming rookies for example. However, that league just maintains the rosters from this season and we play out the remainder of the 19/20 season using the 20/21 season games. By week 4 or 5, the playoffs will wrap up and we can delete that copy league and hack up the league history to match the results.

It's not perfect since things change with players from season-to-season, but I think it's a reasonable solution to a weird situation.

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