must be a dream

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must be a dream 

Post#1 » by rsceltic34 » Wed Apr 30, 2008 1:53 am

no way is this really happening

watching this series the hawks matchup against us very well and to be honest i see the hawks taking the series if we dont have a gut check and start playing 66 win celtic basketball.....we do not play well against athletic teams that can rebound....and the hawks two main strengths are our main weakneses.... i think we would be better off playing any other team in the east but the hawks in the 1st round honestly just look at the matchups......smith and kg tough matchup for kg smith can drive to the hoop on him and as we saw in the final minutes of game four can block his shot.........johnson and allen joe just to big and physical......bibby and rondo close but bibby will get the calls and has a better shot.....hortford and perk hortford is smaller but he is a beast and put up better numbers in the season......pierce and williams no contest pierce in a landslide but pierce is not going to the hoop for some reason against him idk maybe its the big hit he took but he is settleing for jumpers when he can get layups .......finally the bench where the hell is tony allen he can at least slow johnson down and match up somewhat with the hawks athleticism..not to mention how bad cassell is playing where is eddie house we won 66 games and most of them TA and eddie house played in for doc to turn his back on them like that is just horrible...even though our bench when in is playing against their starters because they are young enough to play pretty much the whole game ...........and btw watching joe johnson light up ray allen in game four was a disgrace why wasnt pierce put on him after the 1st time he drove right by him....and if johnson can do that to us what about lebron in round 2 and perhaps kobe in the finals with a much better team around him if we even make it that far ........dont get me wrong here i still think the C's will get by the hawks but all of these little things just bother me like when we got leads in game 4 in the 1st and 4th quarter to let the hawks right back in it like that just did not happen in the regular season EVER!! its like they just expected the hawks to give up or something i love the celtics as much as anyone in here and lost sleep over this but the way we are playing we dont deserve to win this series
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Post#2 » by canman1971 » Wed Apr 30, 2008 2:01 am

A few things. Capitals, punctuation, grammar, and paragraphs. It is very hard to read what you wrote. Just a suggestion.
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Post#3 » by meatball sub » Wed Apr 30, 2008 2:09 am


But it's all good.

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