Disinformation Campaigns

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Disinformation Campaigns 

Post#1 » by Bayside » Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:25 pm


A lot of social media giants are shutting down disinformation campaigns now. They have set criteria on text formatting and routines to determine if it is something like that. Currently globally, and here on RealGM these things are popping up everywhere. This isn't an unknown issue are really that surprising that it would show up here. Nor is it a tinfoil hat wearing premise. So I wonder if there are any plans to develop a way to deal with it? In current events a note by a moderator said "Everyone has a right to their opinion, regardless of their motivation". So is that really going to be the position or is this just an area that hasn't been really thought through yet.

I have seen several posters just in last week resurface and run the same type of script. And most of them have the same exact technique, format and messages.
Impression management- I have no bias no agenda but... Dont mean to derail but. Just for the sake of information.
Socratic Triangles repetitive questions to to triangulate on bias no truthful implication to direct to the message
Deceptive methods of persuasion
a deflecting and redirecting to what the message is.

If you know what your looking for you can see the patterns.
So just an interesting subject since now it looks to be occurring here.

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