Assemble Celtics 2020-21 Roster, Using Current Info

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Assemble 2020-21 Roster (up to 17 Players) = Assume Keeping "Team Shamrock"

Hayward = Keep on Team
R.Williams = Keep on Team
Poirier = Keep on Team
Theis/Kanter = Re-sign, if financially feasible
Langford, G.Williams, Edwards = Keep Rookies, from 2019-20
Upgrade = Waters & Fall to NBA Roster spots
Green/Wanamaker/Ojeleye = Renew any of,
Draft = # of Rookies (Including Two-Way Contracts)
Trade = if it Brings in an Impactful Player.
Other = Please Explain
Total votes: 166

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Re: Assemble Celtics 2020-21 Roster, Using Current Info 

Post#101 » by djFan71 » Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:36 pm

celticfan42487 wrote:The only trade I see possible for a team that's dumb enough is something like

Carsen Edwards, the 24th pick, the 30th pick, one of our 3 second rounders to ORL for the 15th overall pick

We'd get value alone from that consolidating our roster issue.

Then we could use the 15th and 17th pick to take swings on bigs.

And our playable rotation would be

Hayward/ someone
Tatum/ pick?/ G will
Theis/ pick? / Maybe Timelord stays healthy and steps it up

But I mean even for ORL that's pretty dumb. But that's like... as I was looking at it our best hope for a dumb team to let us consolidate our assets.

That's a kind of deal I'd look for too. Doubt you get into the lottery, but some team after that could want to get more bites at the apple. I wonder if DAL or POR would be interested in something like that. Both in that same range and they could probably conceivably use some extra picks/young guys to fill in roster spots. Maybe even the Bucks with the Pacers pick, but keep Carsen or the 2nd since you're not jumping that many spots at that point.
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Re: Assemble Celtics 2020-21 Roster, Using Current Info 

Post#102 » by Parliament10 » Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:38 pm

As of this date (07-29-20), after the 3 Scrimmages, and before the "Seeding" games.
I'm not so sure that Edwards & Poirier have earned a spot next season.

One of Semi, Green and Wanamaker, may still be a Celtic, though.
I also see us making some type of Trades, while still staying young.

Proposed Rotation, 2020-21:
Kemba - Brown - Tatum - (????) - Theis
Smart - Langford - G.Williams - R.Williams/Kanter
Waters - (Rookie) - Edwards? - Poirier? - Fall

Maine Red Claws = (Rookie), (Rookie)

I also think that it's time to increase the number of Two-Way contracts.
Smitty once said, that they were looking to go to 5 per team. Once all the teams had a G-League affiliate.
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Re: Assemble Celtics 2020-21 Roster, Using Current Info 

Post#103 » by BostonCouchGM » Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:34 am

Maybe Danny pulls a rabbit out of his hat like he has in the past via trade. Nothing will make us contenders, that ship has sailed after the Kyrie trade, these past two drafts and given our cap space. But he could keep us entertaining pretenders. It seems the only avenue for that trade is Hayward but I'm not sure the mechanics of that type of trade. Could he be traded should he opt in? Can he do a sign and trade? All I know is if he opts in and stays, we're pretty much running back our current team and it's not good enough. It's flawed with a bottom of the barrel bench full of role players at best.

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