Shout out to Grant Williams

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Re: Shout out to Grant Williams 

Post#21 » by captain green » Fri Nov 26, 2021 2:18 am

Nothing special about him I'll give him no props.
Literally hundred + better seasons by players you've never even heard of more than 7.3ppg a season. Once he gets past Jr bremer, or say bulbs ehler, or Howie Shannon or hell Greg Monroe let me know because otherwise he is garbage to me. I can't wait to get him off my team personally.
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Re: Shout out to Grant Williams 

Post#22 » by Andrew McCeltic » Fri Nov 26, 2021 5:06 pm

His ceiling is starter, not rotation player. That’s his floor, the question is how good a rotation player he can be. Great defense, 40+% from 3, smart decisions, that’s a nice piece. Don’t think he can grow as a rebounder but it’s possible. Light playmaking? Think he’s got some upside as a midrange shooter and an occasional post-up threat. Best case comp at the draft was PJ Tucker. We will see.
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Re: Shout out to Grant Williams 

Post#23 » by bisme37 » Fri Nov 26, 2021 6:08 pm

Grant is a nice player and solid as hell. It's become a thing where the people who don't like him already made up their mind that he sucks. So they get so caught up in their confirmation bias and ignore all the good stuff. Kid is a terrific role player and does his job very well. Happy he's a Celtic.

Edit: I know people were mad that he got kinda fat last season, but if you missed it, it was actually the team that told him to add weight. They wanted him guarding centers. Then they saw that the weight gain diminished his game, and he got himself right back into shape and he's having a great year. Point being he's been doing what the team asks of him.
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Re: Shout out to Grant Williams 

Post#24 » by 31to6 » Yesterday 12:22 am

I guess he's earned his draft position, which I didn't expect when they first called his name, and he's likely to outperform his rookie deal, hooray.
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