Tale of the Tape: SuperBowl Edition

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Tale of the Tape: SuperBowl Edition 

Post#1 » by CJ_18 » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:24 pm

Quarterback- Arizona- very close, Warner has the accuracy and weapons while Ben has the toughness and scrambling ability. Give warner the edge because of his experience

Runningback- Pitt- Parker is a great agility back, while Edge is getting old and hasn't had a very productive season

Wide Receiver/Tight End- Arizona- not really close, Larry, Anquan and Breaston are better than any tandem in the league. Hines and Santonio aren't really close. Heath Miller helps them out

O-line- Pitt- not really good with O and D lines but i would give Pitt the advantage

D-line- Arizona- Berry and the others are starting to play well and the pressure comes from Pitt's linebackers, not their D-line. Casey Hampton is a solid nose-tackle though

Linebackers- Pitt- Dansby is solid but you can't go against Harrison, Timmons, Farrior and the others

Corners- Pitt- Ike Taylor and Deshea Townsend are both solid cover guys while Arizona has a bright young star with Cromartie, but Rod Hood is a bit of a weak link

Safety- Arizona- I think Adrian Wilson has the slight advantage over Troy, and then Antrel Rolle has an advantage over Ryan Clark

Coach- Pitt- Tomlin just seems better, can't really analyze coach performances
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Re: Tale of the Tape: SuperBowl Edition 

Post#2 » by NO-KG-AI » Sun Feb 1, 2009 6:46 am

D Line goes to Pitt fairly easily. Casey Hampton>the whole Cards line. Not sure I give QB to Arizona either, we've never seen Kurt Warner do anything of note without TWO dominant receivers.
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