Should Sidney Crosby have been named Playoff MVP?

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Should Sidney Crosby have been named Playoff MVP? 

Post#1 » by kennethgriffin » Mon Jun 13, 2016 5:21 pm

Playoff MVP Sidney Crosby:
playoffs - 19 points, 6 goals, 13 assists

Runner up Phil Kessel:
playoffs - 22 points, 10 goals, 12 assists

oh yeah and phil kessel actually scored in the stanley cup finals. crosby didn't ....

but whatever.. its not part of the script theyre trying to sell us on... crosbys still getting carried to championships like back in 2009

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Re: Should Sidney Crosby have been named Playoff MVP? 

Post#2 » by Dr Positivity » Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:16 pm

Despite scoring less points Crosby was likely picked because of intangibles as a top defensive forward and tace-off taker against the other team's top lines in addition to general captain leadership things. For offense he was no slouch with 19 points, 3 game winning goals (0 for Kessel) playing against the other team's top defensive assignments, and the top offensive player in the cup clinching game which may have made the difference
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Re: Should Sidney Crosby have been named Playoff MVP? 

Post#3 » by AIR24KOBE » Tue Oct 4, 2016 12:03 am

What you don't realize is that Sidney Crosby was orchestrating that offense all playoffs long, including the cup finals. Phil Kessel is and always has been known for his offense, he's a one-way player. Sidney Crosby plays both sides of the puck, he's the center of the offense, he was making plays for everyone and setting them all up. He may not have all those assists but all the scoring opportunities they generated, it was as a result of his smart play. Sid isn't the best player in the league for no reason, and he proved that throughout the playoffs. You can't just look at how many points they've scored and judge who played better and who didn't, because there's a lot of hockey that you can't analyze through statistics alone. Kessel played amazingly but Sid was the better player. Don't analyze their play just through highlights alone.

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