Cavaliers Veterans Say Collin Sexton Doesn’t Know How To Play.

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Re: Cavaliers Veterans Say Collin Sexton Doesn’t Know How To Play. 

Post#21 » by Jamaaliver » Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:24 pm

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Zach Lowe wrote:Ten things I like and don't like

It's time to talk about Collin Sexton

Sexton is kinda starting to happen. His 3-point shooting -- up to 42 percent -- has been a slow-burn shocker. It began with Sexton canning open 3-pointers when defenders ignored him, or ducked 10 feet below screens. He had time to check the wind. Skeptics shrugged.

He kept hitting those, even as defenders at least waved at him. Now, he's dribbling into 3s when defenders chase him over screens. He's even daring the occasional step-back, and he buried both Detroit and Milwaukee this week with daggers.

He's also showing some nascent feel on the pick-and-roll. He is already good at faking toward picks, getting defenders leaning that way, then jetting the other direction. He's learning to slow down, pin defenders on his back, and give his big man time to roll into an open passing lane.

Sexton remains a train wreck on defense. His score-first approach has annoyed teammates. He still isn't creating enough for others, leaving the Cavs a little puzzled over what sort of perimeter players they need alongside him long term. But this change-of-pace guile is promising precisely because it is Sexton prodding far enough to create passing lanes instead of settling for 20-foot bricks that create none. The next steps are anticipating those passing lanes, and exploiting them.

Beyond that, there is just something to like about Sexton. He is fearless, and the best kind of cocky. He plays with a ferocious opportunism a little reminiscent of Russell Westbrook.

Sexton is a long way from being even average for his position. But his first-year trajectory has been encouraging.

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