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Post#1 » by GRADEN » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:54 am

Well, pretty sure this board is dead but I’ll post my analysis here as well:

Our Blackhawks got 4 lucky numbers and jumped from 12 to 3 and while it is certainly a 2 horse draft like some memorable recent drafts (McDavid / Eichel - Matthews / Laine - even Ovi / Malkin) that doesn’t mean we can’t pull a top line guy out of this position. Stan and Mark are going to pick from the second tier a guy that fits us WITH Toews and Kane and have made it known that’s how they will pick. I truly feel that there are only 4 guys that they are looking at right now: Centers Turcotte and Zegras, Blue-liner Byram, and possibly center / winger Cozens.

Kelley and Bowman are consistent: 1 loves the US program kids and the other loves Scandinavian skaters. When it really comes down to it let’s compare their history, the team, and the way this draft is set up. Introducing the class of 2019 prospects.... All opinions are my own and based on their leagues / style of play / history with growth / overall skill / and personal projection. I’ve studied the leagues / their film / and the translations of similar players to the NHL.

I - Injured / Injury concerns , IQ - High level of intelligence, RR - High Risk High Reward, TF - Team First player, HC - High Ceiling, LR - Low Risk NCC - Needs Coaching / Culture, RtP - Ready to Play Immediately, HtW - Have to wait a few seasons

1. C Jack Hughes - RtP / LR / HC / IQ
2. RW Kappo Kakko - RtP / LR / HC


3. C Trevor Zegras - HtW / HC / TF / IQ
4. D Bowen Byram - RtP / LR
5. RW Dylan Cozens - RtP / LR
6. C Alex Turcotte - LR / TF / I / IQ
7. LW Cole Caulfield - RtP / RR / I


8. D Victor Soderstrom - LR / TF / RtP
9. RW Arthur Kaliyev - NCC / I
10. G Spencer Knight - RR / HC
11. RW Matthew Boldy - LR / RtP
12. D Ville Heinola - NCC / IQ / RtP
13. C Alex Newhook - LR / TF / IQ
14. LW Kirby Dach - RR - NCC


15. D Philip Broberg - RR
16. C Phil Tomasino - LR
17. LW Vasili Podkolzin - RR / HtW / HC /I
18. D Tobias Bjornfot - RR / NCC
19. C Peyton Krebs - I / RR / IQ / HtW
20. LW Nicholas Robertson - RR
21. C Connor McMichael - LR / TF


22. G Hunter Jones - RR / NCC / HtW
23. LW Egor Afanasyev - NCC
24. D Thomas Harley - LR / TF
25. LW Nils Hoglander -TF / HC / HtW
26. D Cam York - RR
27. D Matthew Robertson - HC / LR / IQ
28. C Ryan Suzuki - RR / NCC / HtW


29. LW Jacob Pelletier - LR
30. LW Sam Poulin - RR / HC
31. G Mads Soggard - RR / HtW
32. C Jamieson Rees - RR / HC
33. D Lassi Thomson - LR / HC / IQ


34. RW Nathan Legare - RR / NCC
35. RW Raphael Lavoie - NCC
36. D Moritz Seider - NCC / RR
37. RW Bobby Brink - IQ / RR
38. G Pyotr Kochetkov - HtW / RR
39. RW Brett Leason - RtP / LR / TF / HC
40. D Alex Vlasic - RtP / LR / IQ


41. LW Pat Puistola - RR / HtW
42. D Toni Honka - IQ / LR
43. D Kaeden Korczak - LR / HtW / IQ
44. D Vlad Kolyachonok - I / HtW
45. C Ilya Nikolayev - RR / HtW / HC
46. LW Samuel Fagemo - NCC / HtW / I
47. C Robert Mastrosimone- HtW/LR /HC
48. D Mikko Kokkonen - HtW / RR / NCC
49. RW Simon Holmstrom - HtW / IQ / HC
50. D Ryan Johnson - HtW / LR / IQ



51. C John Beecher - HtW / IQ / LR
52. RW Pavel Dorofeyev - HtW / RR / NCC / I
53. D Albert Johansson - HtW / RR / I
54. LW Dimitri Sheshin - HtW / I / RR / NCC
55. RW Mikhail Abramov - RtP / RR
56. RW Nick Abruzzese - HtW / LR / IQ
57. D Drew Helleson - HtW / LR



58. LW Leevi Aaltonen - I / RR / NCC
59. D David Aebischer - LR / RtP / IQ
60. LW Brayden Tracey - RR / I / RtP / NCC
61. C Nikita Alexandrov - RtP / NCC
62. RW Shane Pinto - LR / HtW / IQ

I love Zegras (Zeeee GRAS not Zeg-ras btw) and truly hope our Hawks take him... He is the new version of the NHL, more slight more clever. He is the best passer in this draft and no one can argue you this. He is committed to Boston for likely 3 years though and that to me is a deal breaker for Stan.

Turcotte, local kid, is a complete hockey player and is equally as good on D as he is on the rush. He has said, “the plan right now is to be in Wisconsin to train” as he is scheduled to attend college.... but most believe that wouldn’t happen if he goes 3rd. I view him as a very good player that will be a top 2 line center that takes on a teams best lines on both ends. He will a solid point producer for sure but his real impact will come in face offs / back checks / and all the little things.

Byram is a short version of Brett Burns... in every way. He is tremendous adding to the rush and his wrister is better than 99% of the wingers in this draft. He also gets out of position, over commits, and is a good but not spectacular skater. Byram has a great frame and is tough, his production has been amazing too. There is a ton to like with him and I believe he is a day 1 top 4 defenseman. In the past 2 drafts each of our first 2 picks have been defense.... Jokiharju / Mitchell and Boqvist / Beaudin and each one of them have shown they are NHL players.... in the end I just don’t think you pass on a center at 3.

Cozens has an amazing frame and plays the crease to perfection. He is tough, seasoned, and has an extremely high floor. Cozens will go in the top 7 picks but he is not a true leader out there in terms of getting a team going. I love Cozens in that role we currently see Strome in... one where he is surrounded by veterans and goal scorers. I don’t think his ceiling is too high but he is an extremely reliable and safe pick in that 5-7 range he will go in.

For me it’s got to be Zegras or Turcotte and I’m sure they are leaning Turcotte. I would take Zegras as I just don’t think passers like him come around too often... either player, the Hawks will get a true next gen guy for Colliton.

Here is my non-trade 1st round on how I think it will go:

1. Devils - C Jack Hughes
2. Rangers - RW Kappo Kakko
3. Blackhawks - C Alex Turcotte
4. Avalanche - D Bowen Byram
5. Kings - C/LW Dylan Cozens
6. Redwings - C Trevor Zegras
7. Sabres - LW Cole Caulfield
8. Oilers - D Victor Soderstrom
9. Ducks - RW Matthew Boldy
10. Canucks - C Alex Newhook
11. Flyers - G Spencer Knight
12. Wild - C Phil Tomasino
13. Panthers - LW Nils Hoglander
14. Coyotes - C/LW Kirby
15. Canadians - C/LW Bobby Brink
16. Avalanche - LW Arthur Kaliyev
17. Knights - D Ville Heinola
18. Stars - LW Vasili Podkolzin
19. Senators - D Tobias Bjornfot
20. Rangers - G Hunter Jones
21. Penguins - D Lassi Thomson
22. Kings - D Matthew Robertson
23. Islanders - C Ryan Suzuki
24. Predators- C Connor McMichael
25. Capitals - LW Egor Afanasyev
26. Flames - D Phillip Broberg
27. Lightning - D Moritz Seider
28. Hurricanes - C Peyton Krebs
29. Ducks - LW Sam Poulin
30. Sabres - RW Brett Leason
31. Bruins - RW Raphael Lavoie
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Post#2 » by GRADEN » Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:40 pm

For good measure here are my 3rd rounders:

63. C Adam Beckman
64. D Daniil Misyul
65. LW Vladislav Firstov
66. LW Nolan Foote
67. D Artemi Kniazev
68. C Aliaksei Protas
69. RW Albin Grewe
70. LW Michal Teply
71. D Antii Tuomisto
72. C Antii Saarela
73. G Cam Rowe
74. C John Farinacci
75. D Sam Bolduc
76. LW Alex Campbell
77. RW Graeme Clarke
78. D Gianni Fairbrother
79. D Henry Thrun
80. LW Marcus Kallionkieli
81. RW Kirill Slepets
82. D Sam Lundmark
83. C Karl Henriksson
84. G Trent Miner
85. C Henri Nikkanen
86. C Blake Murray
87. D Marshall Warren
88. D Anthony Aguanno
89. D Santeri Airola
90. LW Vladimir Alistrov
91. C Isac Anderson
92. D Noah Beck
93. C Felix Bibeau
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Post#3 » by GRADEN » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:48 pm

Latest Hawks chatter:

Kelley, “Byram is like Paul Coffey”

Now most think that’s a bait in which a LAK, DET, BUF, EDM will bite and trade up and add in a late 1st early 2nd to do so where they jump Colorado to get Byram.

On the flip Byram is left shooting and all our top D prospects are right shooting.

Cozens is a real possibility for the Hawks I think, I hear a lot on him connected to the Hawks. Turcotte, Byram, and Cozens... those are the 3 most common names at 3 I hear.

Zegras I think scares Stan - Kevin Hayes burned up his hawks deal in Boston and then went UFA to Rangers and we got a comp pick and 3 wasted waiting years... the fear is Zegras could do the same.

I think if Stan and Mark had a perfect scenario they could drop to 6-9 range and take Cozens and pickup 2 more nice pieces.

Turcotte unlikely to escape Aves.
Sabres and Oilers like Caulfield. Redwings possible.

Also 2 defenseman we may trade for TJ Brodie and Jacob Trouba. We would have to give 2-3 nice pieces but I understand it.
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Post#4 » by GRADEN » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:57 pm

94. RW Maxim Cajkovic
95. D Billy Constantinople
96. G Hugo Alnefelt
97. D Ronnie Attard
98. D Zachary Jones
99. LW Ethan Keppen
100. LW Alex Beaucage
101. D Layton Ahac
102. D Cole Moberg
103. G Isaiah Saville
104. D Jordan Spence
105. C Keean Washkurak
106. RW Judd Caulfield
107. D Hugo Has
108. LW Nicholas Porco
109. C Patrick Moynihan
110. D Dom Fensore
111. D Ryan Siedem
112. RW Sasha Mutala
113. D Jayden Struble
114. C Cole Schwindt
115. LW Luke Toporowski
116. D Cade Webber
117. D Jake Lee
118. D Michael Vukojevic
119. LW Rhett Pitlick
120. G Ethan Anders
121. RW Sergei Alkhimov
122. C Tyler Angle
123. C Petr Cajka
124. LW Joe Carrol
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Post#5 » by GRADEN » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:58 pm

Hawks in on D Jake Gardiner FA - said to be between Hawks, Wild, and Leafs.... likely in that 3/15 or 4/18 range
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Post#6 » by GRADEN » Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:31 pm

Hawks trade F Dominik Kahun and pick #151 to Pittsburgh for D Olli Maatta

Kahun has a nice career ahead but likely in that bottom 6 and we just signed Kabulik and Wedin to similar positions.

Maatta is a defensive left shooting guy that was a 1st rounder in 2012. He is still just 24 and has a ton of experience. His cap hit is just over 4 and has 2 controlling years left and maybe 3. His no trade is now voided now too with the trade before that clause went into effect.

This is a very similar structure to when we acquired Connor Murphy. The hit is similar / age / etc....

Maatta is immediately an upgrade in our defense and thus this move is outstanding.

It also signals the likelihood we don’t take Byram at 3 as Maatta and Byram are the same size and both left hand shots....

Turcotte and Cozens ... it seems destined to be one of them.
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Post#7 » by GRADEN » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:56 pm

Jets Defenseman Jacob Trouba (RFA only 25) was sent to NYR for D Pionk and pick #20 yesterday

The hawks were certainly in on that conversation and now we know the asking price - yes Trouba is an elite D but that is a price we couldn’t match obviously - more than likely it would cost us Dahlstrom, 43, 2020 2nd which may have not even been enough to them

At 20 in a his draft you are getting a really really good player

On the 3rd pick, I’m beginning to really sense that the Hawks are leaning towards Dylan Cozens. He is 6’3.25 and can really skate for that height... he is a shoot first center but the issue is that some (not all) think he eventually is a RW.

Not a big deal, but we have zero pipeline top 2 centers right now.

Here is what I’m thinking:

Turcotte : going to play a year or 2 at Wisconsin with Caulfield - had injury issue last season

Zegras: going to play 2-3 years at Boston / slight of frame

Cozens: excellent frame / has said he is all in on making NHL roster day 1 - Canadian WHL experience

At this point I think if Kings or Redwings want to jump Aves for Byram and we get who is left from that 3 it’s going to be a big deal for us - but if staying put I think right now it’s Cozens for Stan, Mark, Fraz
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Post#8 » by GRADEN » Wed Jun 19, 2019 4:28 pm

An interesting correlation to consider?

All 3 #3 picks that the Hawks have had: Savard, Olcyzk, and Toews have worn a number in the teens for the Hawks... and when all is said and done will surpass 3000 reg season points.

The Hawks are down to 5 players.... Turcotte, Zegras, Cozens, Byram, and Dach.

Of those 5 only Turcotte and Zegras have worn numbers in the teens I believe (24,44,77 for others)

Not saying that matters but it might!

Turcotte will likely play 1 year with Caulfield at Wisconsin and Zegras more like 2-3 years for Boston. Cozens has said he is coming right away and Byram too... Dach likely physically ready but IQ wise need some Rockford time. I don’t know it just seems like Upside wise Turcotte, Zegras, and Byram are way ahead and I have to think it’s 1 of those 3.

You see NYR / PHI really pushing hard right now and you can see the pipeline of a DET ready to emerge.... I look at the Hawks future and I see a lot of still hinges on how long can Toews / Kane be elite. So should we complement them or try and wait for a guy to be his own and wait for him.

To me Zegras is the most talented guy, but Turcotte could play sooner and within the team we have currently. Byram is a luxury, I’ve heard Drew Doughty, Duncan Keith, and even Paul Coffey from the experts on him.... not sure I even heard that about Dahlin last year.

It’s a tough call, but I’d wait out the time for Zegras because he’ll step on the ice at 20/21 and be a big playmaker immediately. I could see him scoring 70+ points at 21 - maybe like an Aho
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Post#9 » by GRADEN » Wed Jun 19, 2019 6:05 pm

And yes I’m aware of Cam Barker being drafted 3rd - just kinda saying the ones that made it wore teens...

Barker was the obvious pick at 3 after Ovi and Malkin... honestly most then and clearly now know that after those 2 that was one of the weakest drafts ever. I mean Ladd went 4th and that would have been better but a guy like Mike Green went late 1st... and no one knew
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Post#10 » by GRADEN » Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:11 pm

2016 Draft

39. LW Alex DeBrincat
45. D Chad Krys
50. LW Arthur Kayumov
83. G Wouter Peeters
110. D Lucas Carlsson
113. C Nathan Noel
143. LW Mathias From
173. D Blake Hillman
203. D Jake Ryczek


54. LW Graham Knott
91. D Dennis Gilbert
121. D Ryan Shea
151. RW Rad Bondra
164. RW Roy Radke
181. D Joni Tuulola
211. RW John Dahlstrom


20. C Nick Schmaltz
83. RW Matheson Iacopelli
88. C Beau Starrett
98. LW Frederick Olofsson
141. D Luc Snuggerud
148. D Andreas Soderberg
178 LW Dylan Sikura
179. G Ivan Nalimov
208. RW Jack Ramsey

Hawks say they know whom they’ll take and are unlikely to trade out. Have to think Byram was hyped to try and induce LAK to give us 5/22 but if they stay at 3 it is either Turcotte / Zegras / Cozens.

I’d put odds at Turcotte 60 Cozens 15 Byram 15 Zegras 10
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Post#11 » by GRADEN » Thu Jun 20, 2019 8:19 pm

Chicago Blackhawks Prospect Depth / Needs

Last 2 drafts:

8 D Adam Boqvist
27 D Nicolas Beaudin
69 C Jake Wise
74 RW Niklas Nordgren
120 C Phillip Kurashev
139 C Mikael Hakkrainen
162 G Alexis Gravel
193 LW Josiah Slavin

29 D Henri Jokiharju
57 D Ian Mitchell
70 RW Andrei Altybarmakyan
90 C Evan Barrett
112 C Tim Soderlund
119 D Roope Laavainen
144 LW Parker Foo
150 D Jakub Galvas
215 D Josh Ess

1. D Ian Mitchell (Ready)
2. W Dylan Sikura (Ready)
3. D Henri Jokiharju (Ready)
4. LW Dominik Kubalik (Ready)
5. D Adam Boqvist (Almost)
6. G Kevin Lankinen (Almost)
7. LW Alex Fortin (Almost)
8. C Phillip Kurashev (1 year)
9. RW Mackenzie Entwistle (1 year)
9. D Nicolas Beadin (1 year)
10. LW Graham Knott (2 years)
11. G Wouter Peeters (2 years)
12. RW Reese Johnson (2 years)
13. LW Brandon Hagel (2 years)
14. G Alexis Gravel (3 years)
15. C Evan Barrett (3 years)
16. D Jake Ryczek (3 years)
17. C Jake Wise (3 years)
18. D Lucas Carlson (3 years)
19. C Mikael Hakkarainen (3 years)
20. LW Niklas Nodgren (3 years)

That top 4 will play in the NHL this year and those next 2 have a chance though likely a year out. Kurashev and Entwistle are nice players that project to solid bottom 6 players. After that we actually have pretty decent goalie prospects and then really nothing. Our prospect core is really depleted and we need to hit on half of this draft and get a solid 3 NHL players tomorrow.

We have zero upper shelf prospects in our forward crops... it’s pretty pathetic actually. Even a guy like Evan Barrett will likely play out his deal at Penn State and then eventually try out for a different NHL team and we may get a low pick comp.

One thing I know for sure.... Ian Mitchell is going to be a solid and steady second line pairing one day soon. He is calm, disciplined, and can lead a unit. His IQ and work-ethic far out shine his talent / abilities.
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Post#12 » by GRADEN » Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:26 am

Well Stan wanted a big player and Dach is that

Here is what we are getting:

6-4 and 200lbs at 18

Uses a long stick and has an insane reach

Pass-first center

Not fast at all, pretty slow footed actually

Guards and bodies puck well, huge reach

Won’t be pushed off the puck

Ryan Getzlaf type ceiling / similar game

Oh and let me also put in that Alex Turcotte and Bowen Byram picks were made in about 2 seconds by Aves and Queens because everyone knew they were 3/4th best players there.

I don’t know, I just hope this isn’t one of those Cam Barker things.... 3 years with Sasakatoon and improved each year but i prefer those kids that travel.

Best picks I saw:

5. Kings - Turcotte
8. Oilers - Broberg
12. Wild - Boldy
13. Panthers - Knight
17. VGK - Krebs
28. Hurricanes - Suzuki

Those 6 picks really stick out to me as players that can really make a huge fit with those teams.
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Post#13 » by GRADEN » Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:36 am

I think it’s important now to make sure we get a great pick at 43 - because this top 45-50 players is special....

LW Kaliyev
LW Robertson
D Robertson
LW Afanasyev
G Jones
LW Hoglander
C Rees
RW Lagare
RW Lavoie
RW Leason
RW Brink
LW Fagemo
D Aebischer

I expect it to one of them... really hope it’s Leason - he is way to good to still be there. Also would be awesome because pretty sure Dach and he hate one another ... Dachs injury was from him.
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Post#14 » by GRADEN » Sat Jun 22, 2019 3:40 pm

So what will Dach do for Chicago and when:

Well he will where 77 that much is sure

Anisimov is likely to get low pick and take back moved - or possible buy out

Dach is in that 18 CHL deal clause where he can play as many as 9 games for the Hawks (Bouchard did this last season).... before he has to go back to WHL and Saskatoon.

I expect if projects at a bottom 6 center for the Hawks then he never goes back but more than likely he plays 9 games Hawks to start and then 45-55 games for Saskatoon... then if dominate can make 20-21 hawks or maybe start his year 19 in Rockford before splitting time with NHL and then hopefully full season 21-22 at age 20-21.

As stated before I think Anders Lee is our most likely add... maybe 5-32.5 type of deal.

I’d love to consolidate some of these guys to grab a pick today as well: Forsling, Murphy, Slater K, Saad, Anisimov, Dahlstrom.... moving 2 of those guys would be nice.

Ian Mitchell will get 30+ games this season and Jokiharju hopefully nails down that third pairing.

Panarin isn’t going to happen bc that’s 10m x 6-7 and we have to pay Cat and Strome soon

Keith and Seabrook - what to do???? No movement clauses are killing us here
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Post#15 » by GRADEN » Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:24 pm

Well I’ve had 2-3 days to analyze this draft... I think that at first the shock of passing on Byram and Turcotte hurts, but after a lot of dissection I’ve become more open to the potential of the selection.

Dach is rare, and I get that. He is a center, only played wing once for the Olympic Games. He is a team first center and can play physical when provoked. I think inconsistency is his knock right now... something Turcotte will never have. I think that is where you question the pick. He is 6’4 so he skates more up right but has an insane reach.

Plays the net very well and isn’t scared of hits... plays his best when challenged.

I see it, i do... Schefiele / Getzlaf - those 2 are the experts comparables.

D Alex Vlasic
W-C Michal Teply
C Antii Saarela
G Dominic Basse
D Cole Moberg

So those last 2 have really played against inferior competition so i don’t know if they’ll ever catch up in 4-5 more years. Saarela is a candidate to never come over, May or may not ever play an nhl min. Teply is just getting used to his frame as he was a late grower. He is an expert marksman from the circles though, an NHl quality shot at wing. He has a 50/50 shot to me.

This draft is basically about the 2 top picks.

Vlasic is all about the defense and is actually very disciplined for a 6’6 blueliner. I do like him paired with an offensive guy like Boqvist or Gustafson.

Dach is going to get 4-9 games next season - play his Saskatoon year until it’s over then eligible for AHL Rockford time if there is overlap - that’s his likely year until 20-21 where he should make the team out of camp.
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Post#16 » by GRADEN » Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:20 pm

FA and rumors are going nuts for the hawks... almost every player in play has some hawks Quib thrown in....

Panarin meeting yes, but he is in that 10-11.5 Aav and 6-8 year.... we have 4 almost unmoving deals on the cap.... Anisimov Saad Murphy Seabrook and maybe even Keith. Those deals are def holding us up on any pursuit. Panarin is about a 75% Lock to Islanders... Rangers, panthers also involved.

Anders Lee probably are most likely target... local guy in his prime pretty reliable to be in that 45-65pt range every year. His cost? Hard to say... at lowest deal 4/25 and high end 5/40?

So what do we do?

Well it may be uncomfortable given the personal history but we have to approach Florida about this particular deal:

To Florida: Seabrook, 2020 2nd, Dahlstrom
To Chicago: D Matheson, 2020 3rd

Matheson is on a long deal too but only 25 and the former 1st rounder has a heck of a blue line shot and even scored 10goals 1 year already.

He has 7/32 left but it’s hit is 2m per less than Seabrooks and he is 8-9 years younger.

Dahlstrom and a rd bump up would be the ask for the lessen cap hit id think
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Post#17 » by TNBT » Tue Jul 2, 2019 1:29 pm

Thanks for getting the Draft thread going, GRADEN, much appreciated. I’m much like you in that I was rooting for Byram or Turcotte with our pick, or even Zegras or Cozens. When we picked Dach, I honestly was disappointed. I know he’s huge and a really solid player, but I liked the X Factor that a few of the other guys had, plus Turcotte is just so damn polished and Byram has #1 defenseman written all over him. I think Dach will be good, but I just don’t think he has the ceiling that some of those others do. That said, I’ll give him every chance and I hope he proves me wrong.

With the later picks, I was glad to see us add a bit of size with Vlasic and Teply. I know we have a lot of blue line depth in the system, but most of those guys are more offensively-inclined and not that big. I love the idea of having a huge guy down there who is all about defense. I’m also interested to see how Teply develops with his skills now that he is so much bigger.
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Post#18 » by GRADEN » Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:50 pm

I feel like Tom Hanks in castaway seeing another poster lol....

So yea I’ve really seen / read / thought through every Dach thing that I can.... first off the hawks organization HAS to stop with the name jokes... what’s up Dach is terrible and insulting.. they clearly want to market a T-shirt or something with this. It distracts from his game and personality and they must stop it.

His interviews are great... he speaks well and is very calm.

Turcotte would have been my pick... he is just too reliable on the ice to pass on. He is likely to letter and be a 50+ assist center pretty fast.

Byram was actually more risky than AT to me, he does come in too often and his shot actually lent to more than one odd man break if u ever dove into a full game.

Dach is a rough edged gem, and it is going to be on him to smooth out his skating / grit / and most importantly consistency.

Vlasic is a nice player - he stands still on that blue line too often but it’s for get back purposes.

Beaudin and Boqvist can skate like crazy - u watch day 1 of the camp?

D pairings likely...

Keith - Gustafson
De Haan - Murphy
Seabrook- Maatta

Reserve: Slater / Dahlstrom

1 year- Boqvist / Beaudin

And recent bad news - I think Mitchell is on the Kevin Hayes train despite him saying otherwise.
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Post#19 » by GRADEN » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:16 pm

Hawks have a nice prospect core and that’s the best news because for years we had nothing - we need more centers for sure but with strome Dach kurashev all under 23 we are in good shape for the big club...

You ever look at the percentages of round selection to nhl? It’s crazy pretty much top 45 selections make the nhl at one point 90percent and then it falls of the cliff and a 3-7th rd are even in terms of value.

Gustafson is such a hard situation... I believe he will be 28 when he hits FA and another 50-60pt season could put him in a 6-7/40-50 type of deal and the hawks wouldn’t be able to retain. Buttttt we need him this year... and so we passed on dealing him. It was a hard unusual situation for hawks
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Post#20 » by GRADEN » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:16 pm

Tnbt what do you think about the lines?

Saad - Toews - Shaw
DeBrincat - Strome - Kane
Perlini - Smith - Kubalik
Nylander - Carpenter - Kampf

(Caggulia, Sikura, Wedin)

Left - Right

Keith - Gustafson
De Haan - Murphy (PK1)
Maatta - Seabrook

(Koekkoek, Dahlstrom, Boqvist)

Crawford - Lehner


Split time: Boqvist, Dahlstrom, Sikura, Wedin, Nylander, Quenneville

1 year away: Beaudin, Mitchell, Kurashev, Entwhistle, Dach, Aleksi Saarela, Hagel, Lankannen, Gilbert

2 years away: Antii Saarela, Barratt, Vlasic, Gravel, Krys, Ryczek

I don’t know if Shaw or Saad can play the RW but I’m not comfortable yet seeing Kubalik or plugging in a Sikura Wedin way up there yet.

Bowman singled out Nylander in camp, also liked Dach, Boqvist, Entwhistle, and Mitchell.

To me Nylander has that bottom 6 LW spot... he is experienced and clearly has a big chip on his shoulder... huge hockey family and Sabres were calling him a bust already... I’m very encouraged about his attitude right now.

Boqvist.... skating is his calling card. He would pair really well with Murphy or Vlasic in the future.

All others I feel do not reach NHL.

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