NBA 2020 Playoffs | R1 G4 | Mavs vs Clippers, Sunday 3:30ET

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Re: NBA 2020 Playoffs | R1 G4 | Mavs vs Clippers, Sunday 3:30ET 

Post#81 » by Pointguard01 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:40 pm

Teffer10 wrote:
aguiar95 wrote:
Speadge wrote:Trey Burke as a last minute replacement for Willie Cauley-Stein - what a steal. And for what? $229,220 :lol:

We might have to spend some of that MLE money. Guy has been a top 5 performer in this series.

I'm becoming more and more convinced he could become that missing 3rd option we need. He is quick enough to guard smaller guards and can run the offense better than anyone else outside of Luka. And the dude can flat out score on a consistent basis.

He is young and performing well on a big stage so yeah, he might be the FA we need to prioritize this off-season.

He’s definitely proving his case to be the backup PG off the bench, and making Brunson and Wright expendable in the off-season.

It’s a good point about RC offense. Barea made a career in it, hopefully Burke sees that as he considers free agent destinations.

We have to give Maxi and DFS a break. These are both players young in their career on their first playoff stage. This is suppose to be a learning year for us to take our bruises. And the defense/effort is there. If either/both can have a couple big games over the next 3, I love our chances to win.
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Re: NBA 2020 Playoffs | R1 G4 | Mavs vs Clippers, Sunday 3:30ET 

Post#82 » by fuller4379 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 1:57 pm

Do Mavericks play better win sprained ankles? Both Luka and Burke were questionable with sprained ankles and they both had monster games. :lol:

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