Official: Rockets trade for Thomas Robinson

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Post#76 Re: Official: Rockets trade for Thomas Robins
Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:21 am by Fattz

Sasaki wrote:
scottyg wrote:why dont the rockets turn and trade all them players for josh smith?
francisco garcia, thomas robinson, terrance jones or royce white and a 1st for josh smith?

We can't because the logistics of the trade (physicals, reporting with the team) won't be finished by the deadline, and besides, why trade those guys when we could pick up Smith in free agency?

Wow smart teams just wait when they now they can just buy the player they want in the off season. (it was time to punch Patterson's ticket out :wink: ) I had no idea that Rodinson was the answer much better (more upside) than Lopez. I see him getting time as a back-up center for the rest of this season though. We will still make the play-offs because of the pace we play at. Morris for a 2nd round - I thought it would have been Defino - I was wrong. That is way DM is the GM - better player & better pick :D
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Post#77 Re: Official: Rockets trade for Thomas Robins
Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:28 am by Laowai

T-Rob is trash and should never been a top 5 pick little less top 20.
He played behind the Morris twins who are both trash enough said.
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Post#78 Re: Official: Rockets trade for Thomas Robins
Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:08 am by Golabki

jarryd3107 wrote:Robinson is under no pressure in Houston, he'll be fine. He gets after it, brings good energy. He'll also benefit from playing next to Asik who can bail him out on defense against better PFs.

Houston also pick-up an above-average perimeter defender in Garcia, which has been an issue for their second unit.
I don't think T. Rob is going to play next to Asik. In Houston's system they like open up the lane, by bring Asik out on the high screen and playing PF who can hit a 10-15 fter if there man leaves to help. T-Rob can't do that now, and may never be able to.

I think T. Rob fits in as a back-up center... he's a bit undersized, but he brings good rebounding, athleticism and energy... of course so does Greg Smith (who is only a few months older than Robinson).

I wonder if Morey think T. Rob is a long-term fit for Houston, or if this is a asset accumulation move.

Also, Garcia isn't above average at anything, but he is a swing man with a brain is his head... so he may get minutes for Houston.
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