Orlando Magic Best Individual Seasons (Since 1984-1985)

12002-2003Tracy McGradySG39.411.0524.172.315.977.689.686.515.481.650.7932.09
21993-1994Shaquille O'NealC39.811.7719.640.000.025.8110.4913.232.410.942.8529.35
31994-1995Shaquille O'NealC37.011.7720.
42003-2004Tracy McGradySF39.99.7523.372.607.665.947.466.005.521.390.6328.03
52000-2001Tracy McGradySG40.110.2322.390.772.165.587.627.534.571.511.5326.82
61995-1996Shaquille O'NealC36.010.9619.

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Time to move on

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Post#1 Time to move on
Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:42 pm by three3d

With today's trade of JJ Redick it is time for me to move on. Not sure I can take another knive in my back from this team, after all the crAp last year with Dwight at least there was one player left on this team that I could root for and todAy just like All other Magic trades we gave away an asset for nothing. I used to love the Magic and I do understand sports are a business , but I'm just so sick of never keeping talent always seeming like we just bent over in or trades .
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