What logical reason is there for jose to start?

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Post#41 Re: What logical reason is there for jose to
Tue Jan 8, 2013 4:22 pm by lucky777s

dballislife wrote:man it was hard watching westbrook demolish jose and use him like a lil toy the whole game...meanwhile lowry held his own great playing against a top 3 PG...jrue is destroying jose tmr

You are letting personal bias affect your viewing and memory of events. Lowry got blown by and hung up on screens the same as Jose. The difference might be one or two plays over the course of a game where Lowry can cut him off but not stop him.

Westbrook season averages:
21.7ppg 8.5apg 5.1rpg 3.5TOs

Against the Raps last game:
23pts 7ast 4reb 5TOs below average in assists and boards, much higher TOs.

So where exactly is the abuse of Jose being seen here? Does Jose play for every team in the league and allow even better stats every night.

Lots of Raptors were matched up on Westbrook. We don't have a single defender on this team that can stop this guy one on one. Are there even 3 guys in the league that can.

You don't have to like Jose but at least try to be somewhat fair in making evaluations.
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Post#42 Re: What logical reason is there for jose to
Tue Jan 8, 2013 4:35 pm by lucky777s

Illuminati_ wrote:They won 7 of 8 vs teams wit a winning percentage of .302 and have looked pathetic against real teams. I'm sure the guys who want to win can rally around Lowry

OK, but who were they beating with Lowry in the lineup? A decimated MIN team and a crap PHX team (both home games). Not a single road win. Wow. And why were teammates calling him out?

Meanwhile, teams we lost to previously but beat during the win streak - POR, DET, DAL, HOU

Sorry, but you can't use the schedule to boost up Lowry. We even lost to CHA with him starting. We were on pace for a 20 win season with him starting and will likely win 30-35 games over the full season with this supposed top 10 PG here.

He will start. Just relax. The losses are coming. If you really like the guy you should want a few losses before he gets to start. Takes the focus off him.
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Post#43 Re: What logical reason is there for jose to
Tue Jan 8, 2013 5:07 pm by Swag

Trading away a pick than could have been used to get Harden is unacceptable and BC should be fired.

We've lost 2 games in a row with Jose starting...I think its time to put Lowry back in the starting lineup - Casey shouldnt be scared to hurt Jose's feelings because Jose wont be a Raptor at the end of Feb.

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