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1Feb 27, 2000Vince CarterSG43:001732481313913051
2Jan 25, 2014Terrence RossSF43:5316291017910911051
3Nov 18, 2000Vince CarterSG45:0014313717181043248
4Mar 26, 2006Charlie VillanuevaC45:59203261123931048
5Jan 14, 2000Vince CarterSF43:0020323344542247
6Dec 30, 2000Vince CarterSG44:001126272227661146

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OT: Scott Skiles fired?

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Post#31 Re: OT: Scott Skiles fired?
Tue Jan 8, 2013 4:39 pm by The Watcher

dagger wrote:Seems to have been a mutual parting. Bucks had not given him a new contract, he told them he would not return after this season, they asked him to think it over, word got out and both sides agreed it was better to part now.

This team definitely wasn't playing his style. Too guard driven.

Yep. I think as soon as word got out that he wouldnt be back, the gig was up for both coach and org.
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Post#32 Re: OT: Scott Skiles fired?
Tue Jan 8, 2013 5:11 pm by BetterCallSaul

Cool-Hand-Luke wrote:Bucks were a fantasy roster wasteland. Time to activate Drew Gooden!!

Except for Larry Sanders ;)
On DeRozan:
dacrusha wrote: He will never shoot over 30% from that range and you can sig me on that.
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