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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#226 » by suffy » Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:23 pm

10 teams -- H2H -- 12 categories -- 3 keepers from last year -- 2 expansion teams -- modified snake draft with the expansion teams

My keepers: Dwight, Dirk, Deron Williams.

Rest of my picks in order:
Greg Monroe
Tony Parker
Luol Deng
Evan Turner
Bradley Beal
Michael Beasley
JaVale McGee
Taj Gibson
Harrison Smith
Jeremy Lamb

Let me know what you think, thank you.
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#227 » by duppyy » Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:43 am

Just finished my draft. What does everyone think?

Monta Ellis
James Harden
Tony Parker
Luol Deng
Paul Milsap
David West
Dwight Howard
Greivis Vasquez
Rubio(decided to gamble. Was a late pick)
Anthony Morrow
JJ hickson
Aaron Brooks.

Forgot to add that this is a 12man h2h league.
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#228 » by Duke Blue » Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:44 am

Sup guys. Just drafted my team for 12/13.
What do you think about it. Some improvement needed?
Should I waive Roy and sign a free PG?
We play Rotisserie: FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK and TO
8 teams in the league.

1. (5) Russell Westbrook PG
2. (12) LaMarcus Aldridge PF,C
3. (21) Danny Granger SF,PF
4. (28) DeMarcus Cousins PF,C
5. (37) Stephen Curry PG
6. (44) Chris Bosh PF,C
7. (53) Wesley Matthews SG,SF
8. (60) Gordon Hayward SG,SF
9. (69) Brook Lopez C
10. (76) Evan Turner SG,SF
11. (85) Nikola Pekovic C
12. (92) Damian Lillard PG
13. (101) Brandon Roy SG,SF
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#229 » by cochiseuofm » Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:23 pm

8 team dynasty league (everyone you want to keep you can keep, no free agency moves allowed once regular season begins). Standard 9 category H2H format.

PG - Damon Lillard
SG - Andre Igoudala
SF - Josh Smith
PF - David Lee
C - Dwight Howard
Util. - Joakim Noah
Util. - James Harden
Bench - Jrue Holiday, Isaiah Thomas, Ryan Anderson, Ricky Rubio, Jae Crowder, Raymond Felton

I want to drop Felton but the Rubio injury kills my PG depth a bit (I like to have a good number of PGs so if I want to I can start 3-4 PGs (with Felton having SG eligibility) on certain weeks (we don't do daily roster changes, just weekly.) But was thinking about dropping Felton for someone else like Jonas V.
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Salami n Cheese
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#230 » by Salami n Cheese » Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:34 pm

My keeper league is in an odd year where most of the best players have been released back into the draft pool. that's why picks 3 & 4 are better than 1 & 2.

12 teams. Everything is standard Yahoo! in terms of positions and categories except there's no Cat. for TO's and REB's are split into Off. and Def.

What do you guys think? Did I pick a winner?

1. (5) Paul George

2. (20) Ryan Anderson

3. (29) Russell Westbrook

4. (44) Paul Millsap

5. (53) Steve Nash

6. (68) Jrue Holiday

7. (77) Nikola Pekovic

8. (92) Jonas Valanciunas

9. (101) Kawhi Leonard

10. (116) James Johnson

11. (125) Ed Davis

12. (140) Trevor Ariza

13. (149) Donatas Motiejunas

Thanks to anyone who replies!
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#231 » by Jay_Hawk » Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:01 pm

What's going on guys? Hoping to have my team rated. The league is a standard 12-team yahoo H2H with FG%, FT%, 3PTS, PTS, REB, ASS, STLS, BLKS, TO as categories.

Russell Westbrook
Kyle Lowry
Jrue Holiday
Paul George
Klay Thompson
JR Smith
Luol Deng
Derrick Williams
Derrick Favors
Paul Millsap
Glen Davis
Bismack Biyombo
Jonas Valancuinas

Thanks for any feedback!

Props to Brunoskull for the sig.
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Blossoming Rose
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#232 » by Blossoming Rose » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:16 am

The league is a standard yahoo H2H with 10 teams.

(3) Chris Paul
(18) Serge Ibaka
(23) Ty Lawson
(38) Andre Iguodala
(43) Marcin Gortat
(58) Gerald Wallace
(63) Danilo Gallinari
(78) Kenneth Faried
(83) Tyreke Evans
(98) Brandon Knight
(103) Derrick Favors
(118) Jonas Valanciunas
(123) Ben Gordon

Should I look to make any changes?
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#233 » by TR50 » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:32 pm

8 Team H2H - Just drafted last night (we have expanded rosters):

1. (6) Russell Westbrook PG
2. (11) Josh Smith SF,PF
3. (22) Kyle Lowry PG
4. (27) Rudy Gay SF,PF
5. (38) David Lee PF,C
6. (43) Joe Johnson SG,SF
7. (54) Roy Hibbert C
8. (59) Anthony Davis PF
9. (70) Gerald Wallace SF,PF
10. (75) Brook Lopez C
11. (86) Mo Williams PG,SG
12. (91) Brandon Knight PG,SG
13. (102) Nikola Pekovic C
14. (107) JaVale McGee C
15. (118) Jeff Green SF,PF
16. (123) Jose Calderon PG
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#234 » by theBlackMagic » Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:38 pm

12 man roto league, I had the 2. pick.

Tony Parker
Jason Terry
Shawn Marion
Demarcus Cousins
Roy Hibbert
John Wall
Kris Humphries
James Harden
JaVale McGee
Jameer Nelson
Kevin Durant
Emeka Okafor
J.R. Smith

what do you think?
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#235 » by Wheeze » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:46 pm

What do you think about my team? H2h, 18 teams.

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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#236 » by kapowww » Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:08 am

Can someone rate my team? Yahoo 9-cat H2H league with 10 teams. Snake draft.

PG - Deron Williams
SG - Paul George
G - Ty Lawson
SF - Klay Thompson
PF - LaMarcus Aldridge
F - Paul Millsap
C - Marcin Gortat
C - Joakim Noah
UTIL - Kenneth Faried
UTIL - Isaiah Thomas
BN - Damian Lillard
BN - Jose Calderon
BN - George Hill
BN - Kawhi Leonard
BN - Eric Bledsloe

I feel pretty stacked with PF/C so I guess I should focus on rebounds, blocks and FG%, low turnovers.. But my main dude is Deron Williams and I couldn't really compliment him during the draft..
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#237 » by suntzuballin » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:31 am

I pick 9th out of 10

pg- Ty Lawson
sg-Paul George
g-Klay Thompson
sf-Gordan Hayward
pf-Lamrcus Aldrigde
c-Greg Monroe
c-Samuel Dalembert
utl-Lou Willaims
utl-Damien Lillard
bn-Taj Gibson
-Jrue Hoilday
-Spencer Hawes
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#238 » by prelude00 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:47 am

Team 1
H2H, 20 Teams, Pick 10

Josh Smith
Patrick Patterson
Luol Deng
Chris Kaman
Jeff Green
Kendrick Perkins
Grant Hill (dropping him for Lavoy Allen)

Team 2
H2H, 12 teams, Pick 8

Deron Williams
Manu Ginobili
Gerald Wallace
Al Horford
Blake Griffen
DeAndre Jordan
Kevin Martin
Wilson Chandler
Jamal Crawford
Kyle Korver
Taj Gibson
Terrance Ross

Team 3
H2H, 10 teams, Pick 2

Rajon Rondo
Joe Johnson
Monta Ellis
Kevin Durant
Al Horford
Ryan Anderson
Joakim Noah
Nikola Pekovic
Michael Beasley
Brandon Knight
Omer Asik
DeMar DeRozan
Jeff Green
Nate Robinson
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#239 » by weezybaby856 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:24 am

8 team keeper league. Keep 10 every year, 15 man roster with 2 IR spots. H2H points league.

My 10 keepers:

Carmelo Anthony
Blake Griffin
Dwight Howard
James Harden
Monta Ellis
LaMarcus Aldridge
Serge Ibaka
Klay Thompson
John Wall - IR
Ricky Rubio - IR


Damian Lillard
Dion Waiters
Demar DeRozan
Raymond Felton
Spencer Hawes

Jason Terry and Omer Asik were my 2 adds for Wall and Rubio while they sit on my IR and recover.

What's everyone think of my team?

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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#240 » by nisizzle32 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:36 pm

Hey guys, this is my team to get the season started. let me know what you think when my team is fully healthy, and categories I have on lock. Thanks

PG- Russell Westbrook
SG - Eric Gordon
G - Jrue Holiday
SF - Paul Pierce
F - Dirk Nowitzi
PF - Pau Gasol
C - Joakim Noah

Util - Tyreke Evans
Util - Mo Williams
Util - Glen Davis

Bench - Thaddeus Young
Bench - Omer Asik
Bench - Shawn Marion
Bench - Rodney Stuckey
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#241 » by yaaar » Tue Oct 30, 2012 4:23 pm

12 Team auction draft. 200 bucks. Roto league

PG Chris Paul 68
SG James Harden 42
SF Carmelo Anthony 45
PF Ryan Anderson 12
C Marcin Gortat 15
G/F Nene 2
F/C Joe Johnson 11
UTIL Zaza Pachulia 1
UTIL Shawn Marion 1
BE Jason Kidd 1
BE Royce White 1
BE Andre Miller 1
Total: 200
Remaining: 0
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#242 » by charlie121 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:47 pm

H2H, 12 Man, Snake Draft (Had 12th, last, pick)

(12)Ty Lawson PG
(13)- DeMarcus Cousins PF
(36)Joakim Noah C
** (37) Joe Johnson SG
** (60) Nene C
** (61) Danilo Gallinari SF
** (84) Kris Humphries PF
** (85) - Brandon Knight PG
** (108)Jose Calderon PG
** (109) Andrew Bogut C
** (132) Glen Davis PF
** (133) Jamal Crawford SG
** (156) Hedo Turkoglu SF
** (157) Wesley Johnson SF
** (180) Anthony Morrow SG
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#243 » by theone853 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:55 pm

Yahoo Roto, 12 teams, 7th pick
What did I just do...

1. Dwight Howard C
2. DeMarcus Cousins PF/C
3. Ryan Anderson PF/C
4. Greg Monroe C
5. Manu Ginobili SG/SF
6. Klay Thompson SF/SF
7. John Wall PG (didn't want him, but I was lacking a PG/assist man)
8. Ray Allen SG
9. Jason Terry PG/SG
10. Gordon Hayward SG/SF
11. Omer Asik, C
12. Nate Robinson PG/SG
13. Andre Miller PG
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#244 » by DJimmi0 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:59 pm

H2H league
Stephen Curry PG, SG
Kobe Bryant SG
Gordon Hayward SG, SF
Pau Gasol PF, C
Spencer Hawes C, PF
Marcus Thornton SG
Amir Johnson PF, C
Eric Gordon SG
Ed Davis PF, C
Brandan Wright PF
Andrew Bogut C
Luke Ridnour PG, SG
Leandro Barbos SG

Any suggestions?
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Re: Want Your Team Rated? 

Post#245 » by Got Em » Thu Nov 1, 2012 2:26 am

Guys this thread is from last year...
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