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link to player names 

Post#1 » by Fidel Sarcasmo » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:48 pm

Hey Admin.

I have a request that I think would enhance Real GM a great deal. As you know, player names get typed up a ton in the forums. I'm sure it'll take some work and a good deal of effort, but I think the pay off could really help. Let me give a you a scenario. Lets say I'm on my teams board and we are talking about a player in a hypothetical trade scenario or just referencing a player. It would be nice if Real GM's program could identify the player we are talking about and link to their player bio page. So, If I type in Kristaps Porzingis, or whoever in the flow of discussion while typing my response or creating a post, Real GM software could understand who it is I'm talking about and creates an automatic link to the player's bio page, (Not Sure if there is one) so when I press submit, you'll see something like:

(Example) I'd do a trade for Kristaps Porzingis strait up for this years Brooklyn pick and Jaylen Brown. Any more than that and I'm out.

And so we could click on the player name if we wanted to, just like when you reference someone in facebook, it generates a link. But it goes right to the player page. It could help out in small ways too by saving me or anyone else the embarrassment of misspelling someones name before we press submit because it'll know who I'm trying to type. But that's just a small bonus apart from the real benefit of a link to the player bio page.

Thoughts? Doable? Not worth the work? Only other time I came here was to suggest the "and 1 count box" and you guys acted on it fast, so props to whoever did it so fast.

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