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Nike International Junior Tournament anyone?

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Post#1 Nike International Junior Tournament anyone?
Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:06 pm by runandgun

Anybody been checking out the youngsters this year?

HereĀ“s whats happened so far:

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Post#2 Re: Nike International Junior Tournament anyo
Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:42 pm by re49gb_2gho32fp

Been following it from scratch. Keep in mind that this was one of four qualification tournaments for the final 8. Four contestants are now known and additionally four wild cards will be rewarded. Too bad they didnt broadcast the event.

As far as evaluation of individual talent goes:

Ristic ('95), Jaiteh and Milutinov ('94) are lauded with having most potential out of this group. I think Ristic was tournament MVP and as well as Jordan brand MVP last year. Allegedly a big with a soft touch and some post moves whereas Milutinov is drawing Valanciunas comparisons.

Radicevic ('94) from Partizan singlehandedly carried that teams to the finals along with Majic, who ialthough undersized thrived off of being stronger than his frontcourt opposition.
Djukanovic apparantly has a nice stroke and moves well.

Boris Dallo, Rebic.

NBA potential? Hard to say. I wouldn't know that based on no eye-witness and age of some of them.
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