Welcome Aron Baynes!

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Re: Welcome Aron Baynes! 

Post#61 » by suns12345 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:47 pm

timetoshinebaby wrote:
Saberestar wrote:
jcsunsfan wrote:Not sure why not. Ayton could play some pf and give Baynes some more time at C. Is Saric playing FIBA?

Baynes can not put those numbers in the NBA on a regular basis. He does not have the skills to score that much game in and game out. That is why he never did it during the seven years that he has been in the league.

It is an small sample size. Just FIVE games.

What I like about his performances is that he is showing that he is in great basketball shape and his 3p shooting is a bit improved.

Saric is not playing.

I think Baynes is showing more consistency in his 3 ball. Look at his stats in 2018-19 and his percentage started to increase. He has always been a reasonable shooter from the line and I just wonder whether he has genuinely improved his 3 point shot over time and now is getting more opportunities because of that. His Boston result was relatively low usage but you have to consider his previous years where he didn't shoot the 3 at all.

I think Baynes' shooting may surprise some. Not sure he has much scoring besides that but I think his role might be a little different to what many envisage. I also note he spends most of his time on the court with a Centre for Australia so nothing would shock me. I'd be very happy to have a big who can set screens when needed and is confident to hit a three. Has the possibility to create space especially if Ayton starts to develop his range (which is likely).

He has been playing only centre for Australia. He more or less splits minutes with Andrew Bogut in each game.

Baynes starts at the 5 with Jock Landale (who plays in europe) at the 4
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Re: Welcome Aron Baynes! 

Post#62 » by Saberestar » Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:39 pm

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